Parents Freak Out When Girls in Bikinis Sunbathe Next to Their Kids at Park

Not a sunbather at the park.
As parents, we sometimes forget that the world doesn't revolve around us. A dump truck bounds down the street, waking our sleeping baby, and we think: "Seriously?! Who gets trash in the middle of the day?!" Or a motorcycle zooms past us as we walk with our child, scaring the bejeezus out of them and making them cry. "Who could be so mean?!" we mutter. But the fact is, the world doesn't revolve around us. Never did, and never will. 

A group of parents are currently up in arms because young women have decided to enjoy the warm weather at a local playground -- by sunbathing in their bikinis. Yes, there are scantily-clad college-aged girls at a park with kids -- and mamas no like.

Last week, tanners were kicked out of the park in the Stuy Town part of NYC after a soccer league complained; and The Stuyvesant Town Report blog is currently rife with complaints from parents. "This playground should NOT be used for sunbathing," the blog's anonymous author stated. "We’ve heard that complaints were made, and now it’s time for management to ... show some balls." And on the flip side, the bronzed co-eds, naturally, think the outrage is ridiculous. One tanner pointed out: "I pay just as much rent as they do. Just because I don’t have a child doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to be here"; while another said: "We pay outrageous money to live here. Let us sunbathe for a few hours."

Fact is, a park is a public place. And let me tell you, when you live in NYC, and it's nice out, you do what you can to be outside. If that means getting some sun at a park kids play at, so be it. It isn't like the girls are sunbathing in the nude. They're in their swimsuits. Would it be a little jarring to see a bikini-clad girl at the park you usually take your kid? I suppose. But causing a stink over it is absolutely ridiculous.

I really hope that the moms who are upset over the sunbathing women aren't the ones who think it's insane for anyone to get pissed that they would breastfeed sans nursing cover in public. Why should they be able to show their breasts, and these women not be able to show (part of) theirs? They're boobs! Everyone needs to get over it! I, personally, think moms should be able to whip out their boobs anywhere they damn please. But I also think girls and guys should be able to wear swimsuits and catch a few rays on a nice day.

Parents, we have to realize that the world doesn't stop and roll out the red carpet for us anywhere we go. Yes, our kids are the most important things in the world to us, and we're more cognizant of other parents, but there are other people on this earth, and sometimes, they just want a little sunshine, too. Deal with it.

Would you be mad if you saw a sunbather at your kid's park?


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bills... billsfan1104

It depends on the bathing suit and where exactly they were sunbathing and what they were doing while they were sunbathing. I don't know how I would feel with girls in bikinis at a playground sunbathing. If they were men half naked would it change?

Andi Dodd

I dont believe a public park is the place to do your sunbathing anyway...

miche... micheledo

I think it would depend on where they were in the park and what they were wearing. Like billsfan mentioned - what if it were a bunch of scantily clad men?? That bothers me - that society would be more understanding of the complaints if it was bikini clad men.

There must be an open place in the park to sunbathe, and not right next to the playground or soccer game. For me ,I think it would be mostly about the inconvenience if they are very close to where other activities are going on.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

I do not see a SINGLE issue with them sunbathing. I mean, do you not take your kids to the beach or the pool? That is an insane thing to be upset about.

Serab... Serabelle

I think it's ridiculous to get mad over this. Sounds like a park in an apartment/ housing development, where as they say, they pay as much as you, so get over it. They're in bikinis! As long as both top and bottom stay on, deal with it. I highly doubt your child is thinking about it. If they are at an age where they are curious, then use it as a learning tool. The world doesn't revolve around you because you have a kid. Other people have the same rights to use public land as you. When I lived in an apartment I did this all the time because I didn't have anywhere else to lay out.

nonmember avatar kaerae

So stupid, if you're that uptight, keep your snowflakes home. And if the men were just lying there minding their own business, no, I wouldn't have a problem with it. This idea that mommies own the park is nonsense. My kids are grown and out and I still enjoy a nice ride on the swings at the park if I'm out walking the dogs. If the clothing they're wearing isn't breaking any laws, then just get over it.

Vegeta Vegeta

Sounds like the moms are jealous of college kids being able to suntan all day.

Lisa Stitzel Brown

What exactly are the mom's afraid of?  The things that people complain about these days.

Angela Hutchins

Stupid thing to get upset about! As long as their "naughty" parts are not showing what is the big deal?! You go swimming at a public pool or beach you see it yet you take kids there. RIDICULOUS!

Aeris... AerisKate

Reading the article that this post links to, it looks like the place the girls are sunbathing is a small area that is designed for kids to play in and play soccer.  They are taking up space on the lawn and the kids aren't able to play soccer, etc.  The article said at one point there were two dozen girls sunbathing.  I think that some people are angry because they are taking up a lot of space and preventing kids from playing in a space designated for kids to play.  Of course, it also says that a bunch of teen boys are now hanging out at the park to stare at the girls sunbathing, so I could see how that would make some kids/parents feel awkward (since this is a play space designated for kids to play).

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