7 Things It's Okay to Steal From Your Kids (PHOTOS)

piggy bankIn a shocking new study, a dirty little secret of many parents is revealed -- they're thieves. According to CouponCodes4u, almost half of parents say they've taken money from their children's savings accounts. Even worse -- 51 percent say they don't feel guilty about it.

Now, I've been known to take a few dollars from my kids' piggy banks here and there in a crisis (hello, Tooth Fairy nights!), as I never have cash on hand, but I always pay them back ... at least when I remember. But going into an actual savings account and withdrawing their money to pay my bills or something, that I would never do.

There are, however,  plenty of other things I do shamelessly steal from kids and make no apologies for. Here are seven of them.

What things do you steal from your kids?


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fleur... fleurdelys3110

Their diary?? What is wrong with you? That is a complete invasion of privacy. The only time I could ever see reading their diary without permission as justifiable would be if you suspect they are self harming, taking drugs, or contemplating suicide.

nonmember avatar Lucy

I don't really understand the Diary one. Unless you think they might need professional help. That's an invasion of privacy.

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

But how would you know those things if you didn't take their diary? I abused quite a few drugs when I lived at home and you would have never known, unless you read my diary. I don't think you should invade someone's privacy like that unless it's justified, which is what you were saying.

tuffy... tuffymama

It's gross to steal from your kids. Taking money is stealing, even if you gave it to them. I habitually "steal" the first sip of milk from my son, however. We drink raw milk so I always check to make sure it is still fresh before I give it to him.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

If you have a good relationship with your child and have any iota of mother's intution, then you would know.

dougi... dougiesmom

I would rather take their money than read their diaries. That's a gross invasion of privacy. As a kid, my mother always assured me that the one place I was 100% safe to vent, free from fear of punishment, no matter what, was my personal journal.

starl... starlight1968

all of you that fear the diary...are your kids teens yet?  Sometimes it's in the best intersest to look now/then...kids don't tell you everything even if YOU think they do...

Serab... Serabelle

It may be one thing to peek at a diary if you think they are in some sort of trouble, but if you punish them for what they write you are so wrong. Instead usr the info to covertly bring up topics to help them. If they are using drugs, try to get them to talk to you and get them help. If they are sexually active/ thinking about it, make sure you have the birds and the bees talk, get them on birth control, ext. But whatever you do, don't ever be obvious about it. If they find out you read their diary, they will feel betrayed, and it can permanently damage your relationship

nonmember avatar Katie

I have a very close relationship with my 12 year old, while she does not have a diary anymore she does have a cell phone and I go through it on the regular without any feelings of guilt. I don't care if she thinks I am invading her privacy, not only do I get to know how each and every kid acts/talks without the presence of a parent but there are also things that my daughter forgets to tell me or might not feel like talking about that day that I have been able to help her with. Like I have said, my daughter and I are very close, I actually am the mom that her and her group of friends voted to tell all of thier secrects and problems to, but there are always going to be little things you don't know and to be honest it has come in quite handy and I will continue to do it as long as she lives under my roof. My daughter does not feel betrayed...she knew these rules from day one and besides even if she did feel betrayed, thats the price everyone is going to have to pay for me to keep my daughter safe from this cruel world we live in and if I have to invade a little privacy along the way, so be it!

BeccaLS BeccaLS

I think it's incredibly wrong to go through your child's diary.

I never had one, but I had a cell since I was 13 and my mom NEVER looked through it. She actually trusted me (which seems to be a foreign concept to most parents) and she knew that if I was having problems I would tell her.

I suppose I'm odd though, I tell her everything. I've also never been to a party, never had sex, never smoked, done drugs, or drank (I'm 18). So I guess I've just given her a reason to trust me. But if she ever invaded my privacy like that I would NEVER forgive her. Our relationship would never be the same.

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