25 Ways You Know You're the Mother of a Toddler

toddler lipstickWell you survived the baby years. But guess what?!? Toddlers are next! It's a whole new, exciting, crazy world. Say goodbye to clean surfaces, unbroken everything, and your sanity. How can you tell when you're the mother of a toddler? That Dora sticker on your butt is a dead giveaway. You can't have nice things anymore. And don't even get me started on potty training. Here are 25 ways you can tell you're the mom of a toddler.

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LostS... LostSoul88

haha most of those are so true! I keep forgetting my youngest is still considered a toddler. He is SO big!

Linda Gray

hahaha oh gosh I can't believe how mnany of those are so true! And here I thought our house was the only toddler house with stickers -everywhere!-

Ridin... Ridingsolo

I normally never comment but had to here.  That was hilarious!  My son is just turning one, so not all of these are true yet.  I cracked up laughing at the "toys everywhere" one.  We have some in our fridge too.  LOL. 

AMom29 AMom29

Umm, no.

Cryst... CrystalYaris

Superman isn't living my refrigerator yet, but my son does have a kitchen set with all the plastic food and plates. Inside my refrigerator there are toy bottles of ketchup and hamburgers. Thanks to my uncle for spoiling my son, I now have stickers everywhere and the dog has a tolerance to being sandwhiched to the ground.

gshiel gshiel

haha, also your kids dressed better than you.love you sign

Courtney Cifuni

i hate how all these lists talk about mom needing a glass of wine.  are all moms alcoholics?  bc i never touch the stuff

Ashley Scheib

seriously very true. I mean my purse HAS everything i need and i went to work with a perry the platapus bandaid on my finger. I think the only one that doesn't fit is good night moon, it's more doctor sesus and disney books. but yeah.

justa... justamom272

@Courtney Cifuni I am sure the author was not implying that they are alcoholics, but it is nice to sit down after a VERY long day and have a glass. On another note, all of those happen on a daily basis here.

Renee Mason

 I never allowed the toys in the fridge but he tried.  The stickers - I can see at least a dozen on various surfaces from where I sit.  They are in the car.  I have extras in my purse.  The dog has them almost daily and he has even learned how to sneak up on the cat.  The stickers don't stop when they go to school, the just get taller and can cover more surfaces!!!

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