Little Girl Pronounces ‘Flamingo’ Like ... Oh, Just Watch (VIDEO)

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flamingoEverybody, gather 'round ye computer monitor, for it is time for another child-unintentionally-swearing video. We love those! This time, it's a 21-month-old girl saying "flamingo." Only she pronounces it just a wee bit differently than most of us do. And I don't know how she came up with this pronunciation because it doesn't even make any sense. Still awesome, though! Here, let her father show you -- over and over again.

Fockamingos -- any relation to the Fockers? Just wondering. I'm not sure how you turn "fla" into "focka", but you know, toddlers are full of surprises. Anyway, this poor kid. She has no idea why the grownups are making her name that stuffed animal over and over again. Can't they hear?!? And can't they see with their own eyeballs what kind of animal it is? Sheesh. Talk about unreliable. When your parents need constant reminders about which animal you're holding in your hand, you really have to wonder about their sanity. And why are they filming this? And why do they keep laughing? Lunatics.

Do your kids ever come up with crazy mispronunciations that bear little resemblance to the original?


Image via Andrew Steele/YouTube



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2many... 2manydiapers

My oldest has speech delays.

Battleship became battle shit

Pushy became pussy

There were more

MamaD... MamaDee83

Awww, that's cute! She will grow out of it :-p My son used to gall yogurt "mugaga" - we have no idea why. Not the same as fockamingos, but still!

Rebecca Nelson

My friends little boy called trucks 'cocks'. She was constantly assuring people that it was how he said truck, lol

Autumn Williamson

My nephew would call "explosions" ka-splo-shuns. My neice calls my mom PallMall (like the cigarette, lol). All the little kids in the family had trouble saying my name (Autumn). It went from Awrum to Awmon to Almond. lol Kids are too cute.

Heather Marie Miller

My youngest said s**t for ship, f**k for luck, suck, truck....pretty much everything with uck in it and B**ch for fish!

Katie Smailes

My niece used to say "My pussy" when she was trying to say "My Thirsty"(I'm thirsty) the first time I heard it I was babysitting and had to call my sister at work(precellphone days) and have her listen to her because I honestly was about to start asking 1. who taught her that word and 2. why she was talking about it!

Megan... MegansMom09

When I was first teaching my daughter to say please, it turned out not so polite. How in the world "please" turns into "bitch", I will never understand. XD

D.C. Rage

My nephew had problems with the o in fork. He kept asking waitresses for a f*ck.....we ate at home a lot

notso... notsoloud

My oldest son would say the damdest things...around 3.5 yrs old he was at a family party and he walked up, very confidently, and asked for some horsedevors....just like it spelled, not like it sounds!  When he was around 2 he would stomp his foot and tell me "mac a fac" (supposed to be matter of fact).  Gotta love kids.

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