The 5 Worst People to Run Into When With Your Kids

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ice cream manWe all have days when being a mom is the most amazing and rewarding experience ever. With cherries on top and dancing bears that fart rainbows scented like cotton candy. Then there are days where we can't wait until it's bedtime so we can have a HUGE GLASS OF WINE. And then another. It's those challenging days that I want to personally pull the fingernails off of certain people because they help take my kids from level 5 annoying to level 11 out of 10. 

Go on and say it's my fault because I'm an awful mom. I'm going to sip my wine and blame others. Here are the five worst people to run into when you are with your kids ... particularly on those challenging days.

  1. The balloon man. Kids love balloons. Cranky kids love ballons. Cranky kids get balloons and are not cranky for five minutes and then balloon pops and not cranky kids become the CRANKIEST KIDS EVER.
  2. People with bubbles. My kids have a bubble problem. Perhaps it's because I deprive them of bubbles and so when they see bubbles they freak out. Bubbles make them seem like they are on a 387 pound sugar high. Blow bubbles! More bubbles! Give me bubbles! Pop bubbles! More! Again! Let me do it. Spill all over. I want more bubbles!
  3. Anyone who uses the word ice cream too freely. Consider this a public service announcement. If you are talking to a child who cannot spell yet, please only spell out the word "ice cream." Never say the word ice cream. Because if those two words are mumbled before dinner everything is ruined.
  4. People with dogs. I love dogs. My kids love dogs. This has nothing to do with dogs. I'm not anti-dog. I am anti running into anyone with a dog who either A. has an un-pettable pup that my kids really want to pet but can't and therefore they spend the next 5 hours talking about how they really wanted to pet that mean dog with foam coming out of his mouth or B. never want to leave the area where the sweet dog is.
  5. The sick friend who insists on kissing your kids. I'm not scared of germs. I'm fine with being around sick kids. I'm not a lollipop party kind of mom though. And so that also means if you are sick, don't plant a wet one on my kid's face.

Can you relate? Are there any others to add?


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ssmit... ssmith6891

Free samples are the worse for me. Especially when we go into sams club.

nonmember avatar Dana

I'm a hairstylist, and I have to say the absolute worst people to run into with my kids are my clients! Without fail they want to kiss, hug, talk to my kids and its always so awkward. I touch up your color every 6 weeks that does not make you family. Ugh.

nonmember avatar April

I have one of those "un-pettable" dogs, and guess what? He's trained to stay away from your kids. His intelligence is the equivalent of a two-year old human's, but he knows that he does not need to interact with strange children. Given that your children are or will quickly be smarter than my dog, you can probably teach them that they don't need to approach strange dogs and they don't need to whine about it.

nonmember avatar cafeguest

Yeah no the sick person kissing is unacceptable buuuut- everything else is not so bad. I buy those big bottles of bubbles because we love blowing them! And sometimes when it's hot and we are bored, I wait with my son for the ice cream man, outside, while we blow bubbles. I think it would be awesome to run into someone selling or giving away balloons are you kidding me! Dogs are the best. My son is 3 so all this is fun stuff and I am right there with him. We also love to paint!

zumba... zumbafreak11

Bouncy house people suck too especially at the end of the month when you don't have much money. One came on Friday and my 7 1/2 year old saw it on the way home from piano lessons. The bracelet was a$5 to go in for 4 1/2 hours, but they let teens and adults in with little kids and ignored the fact that there was a hole in one of their houses. My daughter got hit in the nose.

LadyM... LadyMinni

The people at the mall kiosks who are so desperate to sell things that they'll even go after your kids. I'm not talking about the people with the awesome helicopters, I mean the ones selling hair styling tools and Dead Sea beauty products. Hasn't happened to mine yet because of their age, but it pissed me and my friend off when a Dead Sea guy asked her daughter "But don't you want your mom to be pretty?"

cherylam cherylam

If I don't specifically know you, please do NOT touch my child. I'm teaching them not all strangers are nice, so speaking to them is one thing, touching a whole different ball of wax


nonmember avatar Hana

OMG the sick people! My friend let her sick kids come around my FOUR MONTH OLD CHILD and he ended up with RSV. I told her next time her kids are sick to TELL ME if not she will be the one up all night giving my son breathing treatments.

Leiss... Leissaintexas

Most of those things wouldn't be a problem if your kids are taught not to throw fits when they don't get their way. My children were capable of hearing "no" and leaving it at that. Having said that, I don't know why you'd have a problem with bubbles or ice cream.

nonmember avatar greenmtn mommy

THAT person.......

who as we are trying to hurry thru the store to get dinner and my children are bordering on out of control. my 2yo pulling things off shelves, my 4yo whining that i wont buy marshmallow fluff, brussles sprouts, corned beef hash and gatoraide for dinner, my 5yo singing kidsbop at the top of their lungs while attempting to arabesque down the dairy aisle and the baby is starting his "warning" screams to signal 30 seconds to full out melt down .....*that* person who insists on stopping me or one of my childen to say how well behaved they are or how adoreable/tons of hair my 6mo has etc......and then doesnt seem to get the hint and continues to FOLLOW us thru the store even as all 4 children continue to escalate....yeah. THATS my #1peeve. haha and it happens at least 1x a week. lol

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