10 Mother's Day Quotes From Some of Our Favorite Moms

Quotes for momIt isn't always easy being a mother, is it? That's what Mother's Day is all about, taking one day and telling the 85.4 million of us that the nation has got our back. Heck, mothers have risen to some pretty high profile positions in this nation. Today quotes from some of the most high powered and famous moms in America are a good reminder that we're not just doing this alone.

Out there our voices are loud and proud and being heard by somebody -- if not by our kids. From one-time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to First Lady Michelle Obama, there are mothers who are putting a maternal spin on making a difference.

Today we celebrate mothers of all kinds by looking at what these moms have to say about what it is we do day in and day out.

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squir... squirrelml

My mother always told me-A mother's job is never done,they work 24/7,it doesnt pay,but the rewards are fullfilling. Bless my mother,she's been gone now for over ten years,now.There isnt a day that has not gone by that something happens that always reminds me of her. I love you mom wherever you are!

Derek W. Newell

Hey there, my name is Derek, and I was hoping you would like to view a poem I wrote in reference to our Mom's. Go to Google, and type in, ''Calgary Sun, ode to mom''.  Go down the page and there you are, I know my poem will determind if Mom will get a hug, card,or I love you mom.Thank you mom, love ya forever.





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