Parents Face Excruciating Waiting Game After Toddler Puts Bloody Syringe in His Mouth

syringeMom Jodie Sykes was recently at a hospital where her partner was being seen by doctors. She and her 2 year-old son, Alfie Jackson were in a nearby waiting room when all of a sudden she saw the boy's mouth covered with blood.

He hadn't hit it or otherwise injured it, but rather, he had picked up a syringe that was filled with some unknown person's blood and then put his hand in his mouth. Horrified doesn't even begin to describe what she must have been feeling.

She told The Huddersfield Daily Examiner, "

There was a syringe filled with blood and my son got hold of it. We turned around and he put his hand full of blood into his mouth. I screamed ‘put it down’ and he started crying. I was absolutely petrified that he could catch something or get a disease as it was someone else’s blood.

As bad as that is, however, it gets worse. While he was not stabbed as there was no needle in the syringe, his parents now have to wait three months to find out if has contracted any horrible or life-threatening diseases. "No one can tell me if that was clean, if it wasn't diseased or infected."

She said no one seemed all that concerned either, as a doctor just cleaned him up with wet wipes. It wasn't until talking to another doctor the next day  that she learned there was a procedure that should have been followed. Immediately he was treated for hepatitis, and blood was taken for tests. But still they have to wait for the results.

The hospital, the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary in  the UK, has since apologized and is looking into their procedures, but that certainly doesn't help this family now. Hopefully all the tests will come back fine, but the wait until then is surely going to be excruciating.

Has your child ever come into contact with something so potentially dangerous?


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LadyM... LadyMinni

If he did get sick from it (fingers crossed that he didn't) then the hospital should pay for his care for the rest of his life.

Vegeta Vegeta

Why was there a blood filled syringe hanging around in a waiting room?

Serab... Serabelle

Why can't they test the blood? That doesn't make sense! Any why was there a blood filled syringe anywhere other than a bio hazard dumpster or in a lab?! This whole situation sounds fishy.

Vegeta Vegeta

They can test the blood but some things take a few days to show up. Also the boy will have to be tested more in the future for HIV and hepatitis because they could appear weeks/months later. Some things you can't test just blood for (for instance, rabies. Unfortunately you just gotta get the 9 shots)

Rosas... RosasMummy

in the uk his medical treatment is paid for anyway, everybody gets free healthcare for life for pretty much anythinf

carme... carmen1692

I don't understand why there was a BLOOD FILLED SYRINGE just laying around. Where a two year old could have EASILY gotten ahold of it nonetheless. Something is missing from the story as why was this child left alone long enough to get ahold of the syringe and why isn't the syringe in a secure biohazard place??? Hmm..



simple frown

rubst... rubster87

Here's what I don't get - why in the everlasting f**** was this child's mother not watching over her kid? They're in a hospital for crying out loud - obviously there is going to be blood and icky stuff going on. My kids sure as shit wouldn't be left to potter around on their own in a hospital, much less allowed to pick up random objects and stick it in their mouths.

nonmember avatar Christine

As a phlebotomist I can tell you that they can't test the blood from the syringe because at that point it is considered contaminated and the results may not be accurate. However, I don't understand why it was in the waiting room either. Why was it a syringe and not a vacuum tube also? (With vacuum tubes they have to break in order for anything to come out)I think there might be more to the story....

13579nlm 13579nlm

One time i was at my friends house and her sister has diabetes and she left her needles EVERYWHERE. I was like ten and i put my hand down and one stabbed me. 

Crystal Santoyo Cardona

My children never have an no child should. How in the world did someone just leave that kind of thing laying around? Ridiculous. An why did they not follow procedure right away?

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