Unsupervised in the Car?


I read this very interesting question in the CafeMom Newcomer's Club. One of our moms, salichristina, brought it up after watching the mom on Oprah who was so busy that she forgot to drop her 2-year-old at the babysitter.The little girl was left in her carseat for 8 hours in 100-degree heat and eventually died.

As many of you already commented, it's hard to believe that even the most time-pressed, over-scheduled mom could actually forget their child in the car.

But I admit to a few bleary-eyed mornings, typing away at my office, when a moment of fear suddlenly grips my insides. I did drop off my kids, didn't I?, I ask myself, followed by a mad sprint to the car to confirm that both child seats are indeed empty.

Perhaps more common is the issue of leaving your child buckled in on purpose as you dash into the coffee shop for your morning jolt or to run that package into the post office, as one mom discusses in The CafeMom Newcomers Club.


Have you ever left your toddler alone in the car while you ran a quick errand?

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EZsmo... EZsmom422

Well I have done it when I went to pay for gas or payed for a pop......normally he is sleeping and I really dont want to disturb him. BUT one has to have good judgment on surroundings, weather, and normally I lock my doors and take my keys. Otherwise I guess I am just never that busy. I do wonder if anybody thought about calling on me for leaving him in the car for a split sec when I went in a gas station.

mommy... mommygirls2

I have never left my kids in the car, I had a bad experience when I was little I was probably 6 and my brother was 4, my mom ran into the gas station and told us she would be right back, well my brother got in the front seat (the keys were not in the car) and he pulled the lever that put the car into neutral we were on a hill and it started rolling backwards, I rember screaming and some guy ran and jumed in the car and stopped it.  Because of that I would never leave my kids you never know what kid of freak accidents can happen!

babym... babymama322

i have left my kids in the car in MY OWN driveway to run back in the house,  I have also done it at the store to return the cart but the car is always in sight and locked.

I still can't imagine for getting my child is in the car.  I would think at some point during the day i would have thought about my child and wondered how they were.  i no longer work but when i did I always talked to my husband or the babysitter at least once a day about my son.  

Jorda... Jordanplustwo

I've left both my girls in the car to run in and pay for gas, or run into the little market here in town for eggs or something, something I knew would be quick, and I could see the car from the doors but I would never walk away from the car without being able to keep it in my sight, i'm paranoid that someone is going to run off with them. 

If I have either or both of my girls, even driving i'll look back at them. I've never forgotten to leave them somewhere. that's unexcuseable to me.

Cafe... Cafe Kierna

I have done it when kids were sleeping and I needed to pay for gas etc, but I realize that there are really no excuses. My nightmare is not just something happeing to one of them when left unattended, but what if something happened to me?! We moms have so many split-second decisions to make that potentially have such heavy consequences. My heart goes out to the Oprah mom.

chill... chillemi78

Ok, I feel better! One time, i left my little guy in the car while I paid for gas. He was sound asleep, since it was warm outside, I left the car running with the a/c on (turned it off and rolled down the window for him before I pumpued gas) and I could see the car the whole time. I ran in, just about threw my money at the clerk and ran right back out. DS slept the whole time. My DH gave me such a hard time about it. Made me feel horrible!  I usually use my check card, just didn't have it wih me that day. Other times I have run back into my house, or to return the shopping cart.

kayla... kayla-nicole

What I want to know is....why doesn't this daycare call parents to make sure stuff like this didn't happen? I mean, I'm certain they have her work number, in case of well...EMERGENCIES. I'm not blaming them, but things could be prevented with a courtesy call. And, as this just now occured to me...how did this child go completely undetected for 8 hours in a hot car?? Didn't anyone SEE her as they walked by, or hear her crying?? It's just mindboggling, that's all. My thoughts are with her mother & family.

RJ6mommy RJ6mommy

I have never laft one of my kids as a baby or toddler ALONE in the car.  I do leave them in the car with my now nine year old since he has been about seven.  I have him lock the car door while it is still running to go in and sign my daughter's out of preschool.  I may leave them when I run in to the gas station.  But that is about it.  I lived in Arizona for three years and heard about kids dying in hot cars so much that it scares me now.  I always check the car to make sure all five of my kids are out.

momto... momtoonein06

I have never left my child in the car for any reason, I use my debit or credit card to pay for gas.  I have forgotten things in my house so I would open the garage pull the car back into the garage and turn the car off, shut the garage door and run in the house and then go back out to the car.  I rather take a few seconds of having to do that then have my son stolen from me from the car or have the car taken with him in it.  I never understand how someone can forget their child, my child is always on my mind, wondering where he is in the house what he is doing.  He is the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing on my mind going to bed. 

Cecil... CeciliaLyon

I have left my kids in the car to run back into the house for something or to shut the door since my hands were full of kid. I also would leave a kid in the car to park and step outside of the car for a min. I am NEVER more than 3 ft from the car. I have had to stop and get sick and stepped away from my door to do that. I would never go further away than I would to pump gas or put something in the trunk of the car.

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