Naughty Camel Tries to Eat Girl's Head at Drive-Thru Zoo (VIDEO)


camel eats girlA trip to the zoo recently took a crazy twist for a Kansas family when they got an up-and-personal meeting with a camel. In the following adorable-yet-slightly-terrifying video, you see a small girl sitting on her dad's lap at a drive-thru zoo. 

She's feeding a camel from the driver's side window, getting a big kick out of the animal eating from her hand and nuzzling her. It's all sorts of sweet ... until the hungry camel gets greedy, and decides he might like a taste of the girl. Her whole head is in the animal's mouth at one point. Check it out after the jump.

I can't get over how unfazed the dad appears. The girl seems to be giggling the whole time too. Even as her dad finally drives away and the camel follows, she is laughing. So at least it doesn't seem like she was too traumatized by the incident.

But sheesh! I would be freaking out if that was my kid. Camels are mean, and this wasn't some pet -- it's a wild animal. Who knows what that thing could have done?

I've never been to a drive-thru zoo before, and I'm not sure I'll be visiting one with my kids anytime soon. I prefer bars between them and wild animals.

What do you think of this video? Would you be freaking out if that was your kid?


Image via YouTube


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B1Bomber B1Bomber

We have a drive thru zoo here, and there are pretty specific rules about how you are supposed to feed the animals - namely, not from your hand. If you follow the rules, it's really a cool way to get to see the animals up close. We've taken the boys several times.

miche... micheledo

Um, camels are domesticated animals. And since this is a zoo, I am sure it is not wild. :) Though it is an animal and even domesticated animals aren't completely safe.

That was a fun video though!

jalaz77 jalaz77

Pretty cute. I like my animals behind a fence though ; )

nonmember avatar Amy West

I thought it was funny although quite frightening...but I HAVE TO SAY...Im a bit BOTHERED the father was wearing a Seatbelt ...N the toddler wasnt (in the least) INCLUDED in it....but overall LOVED that the camel was "marking his territory" (urinating) ...Lol

Megan Lee

I KNEW someone would comment about the kid on the dad's lap... I used to sit on my dad's lap and he's let me "Drive", (a.k.a steer) the car at like 5km/h... It's not that bad.

I laughed so hard when the camel ran along with the car. lol

lalab... lalaboosh

I'm a 'carseat' mom and I don't see why it's not ok to relax when in a closed environment. Most people say, 'I wasn't in a carseat and I'm fine.' and forget the fact that there are more cars on the road causing more accidents than there were when we were kids. This drive through zoo doesn't look like a place filled with fast moving cars coming from several directions at any given time. I bet the amount of cars in the park is controlled and the speed limit is around 5 mph. Calm down.

Btw that girl is SOOOOOOO CUTE!

lisas... lisasuel1

No drama here, don't create it.  They had fun, the animals are domesticated, no people will be eaten.  The laughs from the girl after the "incident" were awesome!!

Mrs.A... Mrs.AdamSarah

I am sorry if it makes me a bad person but that was hilarious, Cudos to the little girl gigling instead of screaming. She is going to be awesome when she grows up :)

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