7 Things That Set Off Toddler Tantrums -- Who Knew?!

7 Things That Set Off Toddler Tantrums -- Who Knew?!

screamingI don't want to say toddlers are completely irrational little creatures ... but toddlers are completely irrational little creatures! For first-time parents, learning how to survive in The Land Logic Forgot can be quite a challenge -- you never know what's going to flip your kid's switch from the "cute and funny" setting to "cyclone of sobs, screams, and flailing limbs." At first, toddler tantrums seem to make no sense at all: Really? He's throwing a fit over the color of his pants?! Until, that is, you learn to let go of that whole "making sense" thing and just roll with whatever seemingly benign circumstance happens to turn your kid into a raging lunatic on any given day. Read on for some of the most common -- and most unexpected -- toddler tantrum triggers we've seen.

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  • Losing a Balloon


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    Oh, the tragedy of a lost balloon! The agony of watching it float up, up, and away!! Take my advice and tie every balloon your kid ever gets to his or her wrist where it can stay snugly fastened until the novelty wears off.

  • Lumpy Socks


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    Why must socks be completely "smooth" in a toddler's shoe? I don't know, but I do know if any lumps, bumps, or pesky toe seams interrupt the zen experience of sock wearing your kid is going for, your life will be very unpleasant.

  • Hole in Sandwich


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    You're not seriously expecting her to eat a sandwich with a BIG HOLE in the bread, are you?! Also falling into this category of unacceptable mealtime imperfections: Sandwiches cut into squares instead of triangles (or vice versa), two separate foods on a plate touching each other, oblong pancakes, apple slices with brown edges, bananas with brown spots, the wrong color cheese stick, etc.

  • The Wrong Sippy Cup


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    Woe betide the parent who serves a toddler juice in the orange sippy cup when he clearly wanted the blue sippy cup. Insolence!!! Are you color blind, you fool?!

  • Not Enough Bubbles in the Bath


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    When will a bubble bath company invent bubbles that actually last the duration of a bath? Quick, better hurry up and fill that tub with toys before he notices the bubbles all gone!

  • The Water Is Too Wet


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    "But honey, you said you wanted to play in the sprinklers!"

    "Yeah but I not wanna get all wet!!"



  • Broken Block Tower


    Image via Tim Samoff/Flickr

    Don't even think about minimizing this horrible, horrible accident by suggesting your child "make a new tower." This will only prove your insensitivity, resulting in still more indignant shrieks.

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