7 Things That Set Off Toddler Tantrums -- Who Knew?!

screamingI don't want to say toddlers are completely irrational little creatures ... but toddlers are completely irrational little creatures! For first-time parents, learning how to survive in The Land Logic Forgot can be quite a challenge -- you never know what's going to flip your kid's switch from the "cute and funny" setting to "cyclone of sobs, screams, and flailing limbs." At first, toddler tantrums seem to make no sense at all: Really? He's throwing a fit over the color of his pants?! Until, that is, you learn to let go of that whole "making sense" thing and just roll with whatever seemingly benign circumstance happens to turn your kid into a raging lunatic on any given day. Read on for some of the most common -- and most unexpected -- toddler tantrum triggers we've seen.

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pwebs... pwebster12

The sock issue is my life everyday...

nonmember avatar Jamie

The "wrong cheese" (Shredded vs string vs sliced).
Colored packaging. We buy my daughter store brand cereal bars. Walmarts are all solid white, while krogers are colored. (Blueberry is blue, strawberry is red, apple is green, mixed berry is purple, etc.). My daughter has decided she no longer likes the white bars. Same flavor, but she doesnt like them bc they're white. We also have this issue with fruit snacks. She always demands the "blue snacks" as opposed to white packaging.

nonmember avatar Meghan

Oh my God, these are so true! We have the cup color argument with my four year old every. Single. Day. It drives me crazy!

nonmember avatar Denise

Oh the wrong sippy, we deal with that daily or every other day...and he's the one who picks them! LOL

kelly... kelly24019

My son freaked out because string cheese had strings >.

PAmom... PAmommy32

What is with the cups?  If I give him the wrong one first then there is no going back.  After that, no cup is the right one.  Seriously, the milk tastes the same no matter what cup it is in. 

docky... dockyswifey

HAHAHAHA!!! #7 is ssssoooooo my son! And he is 5 YEARS old! And don't you dare tell him to build another one. He'll only freak out even MORE. 


But I have dealt with all of them. 

zaksm... zaksmommy12

It sounds like people need to get better control of their kids. I never acted like this towards my mom. Ever.

femal... femaleMIKE

I still don't like lumpy socks. 

zaksmommy, teach us what your mother did to create such a perfect child. 

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