Teenager Harry Styles & Kimberly Stewart Dating Because Raising One Kid Isn't Enough for Her?!!

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Harry Styles Kimberly StewartSo it's been confirmed, folks. One Direction singer Harry Styles, 19, and Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly, 33, really are the latest hot Hollywood couple. And by "confirmed," of course, we mean by "sources." That's right. A source confirmed to E! News that Harry and Kimberly are indeed hot and heavy and "very happy" together.

We're all pondering how ex Taylor Swift is taking the news. However, what I'm thinking, as a mom looking in, is how Kimberly, mom to 20-month-old Delilah Genoveva (whose dad is actor Benicio del Toro) is: Yo Kimberly, do you really need another KID right now? I mean, a 19-year-old boy -- aren't they actually more work than a toddler? What the hell is she thinking?

I've been out of the dating scene for ions, but I can still remember dating 19-year-old boys and that was way before I ever knew the tough stuff of parenthood. Generally speaking, teen-aged boys are incapable of cleaning up after themselves, helpless in matters of adult life and real emotional connection, and throw a lot of weird fits about stupid crap. To be clear, teen-aged girls are only mildly better, but a teen-aged boy, especially one who has not been fast-tracked into adulthood by becoming a dad himself, has got to be the worst kind of partner for a young mom.

Odds are Kimberly is still knee-deep in diapers and sippy cups and whining and temper tantrums and plenty of sleep-interrupted nights at home. What does she need with this kid who can't even pull up his own pants or comb his own hair? Not to mention all the screaming teenagers that come with dating Harry. Ugh. Sounds like a frickin' nightmare.

I give this new coupling one month before Mama Kimberly is like, OH HELL NO.

Let her get the starry-eyed, young famous guy ego-boost thing out of her system, and then she's going to be like: GET THE EFF OUT! AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

Can you imagine raising a toddler and dating a teenager at the same time?


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Eddie... EddiesMama83

Maybe the kid has mommy complex and he's looking for someone to diaper him and burp him.....

nonmember avatar Rory Gilmore

This is the girl who was originally cast in "the Simple Life" with Paris Hilton. She wants attention and to be relevant. He wants to have sex with an easy woman. It makes perfect sense to me.

tuffy... tuffymama

That is one funny looking kid, and none too masculine. Maybe she wants a little manchild to play with?

Rosas... RosasMummy

I can imagine dating a 19 year old whilst raising a toddler, but I am 20 an have a 2 year old.

Julie Guadagno

Kimberly Stewart may be 33 but she has the mentality of a 5 year old. Sorry if I've insulted any 5 year olds. She can't make it with a real man so now she is resorting to teenagers. Harry Styles you have got to be out of your mind to even be seen with her.

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