'Teen Mom' Leah Calvert Puts Her Kids First On Her Own Special Day

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leah messer twinsTeen Mom Leah Messer Calvert has had a busy 12 months. She's gotten divorced, engaged, pregnant, and remarried, all while caring for twin toddlers Ali and Aleeah. You'd think that on her 21st birthday, she'd let off some steam, maybe go have some drinks at a bar with a friend or 10, but that's not Leah's steeze. For her big day, she took her three girls to the circus, then posted the most adorable picture ever of the twins fast asleep in their car seats with blue icing all over their faces.

Usually it's the 21-year-old birthday girl passed out in the backseat, amirite?

It seems that Leah put Ali, Aleeah, and Adalynn first and had a blast at the circus. Just look at those faces! Mom couldn't be happier, either:

After hours of lions, tigers, and bears, the girls succumbed to the sugar coma and it looks like it was lights out as soon as they got all comfy cozy in their car seats.

Leah's had her fair share of drama -- two marriages and three kids before one is 21 is hardly ideal -- but compared to her co-stars, she's an all-star. Jenelle Evans was just arrested for heroin possession and domestic violence and Farrah Abraham is currently shopping around a porn she made with James Deen; Leah's trip to the circus with her kids on her 21st birthday is totally sweet, but in the context of her cast mates, it's downright transcendental.

Glad to see Leah and her girls having some good, clean fun together ... blue-stained faces and all.

Do you like to celebrate your birthday with your kids?


Photos via Leah Messer & Jeremy Calvert Fanpage/Facebook

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LostS... LostSoul88

What a great mom. 

winte... winterbaby10

I've always made sure my birthday and my dh's birthday are kid friendly. We've gone glow bowling, amusment parks, mini golf... all things that you can do with your lil one and we love it.

nonmember avatar kaerae

I don't drink so I always did something with the kids on my birthday. If you need to get sloppy drunk when you're a parent to celebrate any occasion, you're setting a great binge-drinking example for your kids. Leah makes questionable decisions in the romance department, but we have never seen her out partying, she's always with the kids.

candy... candyw210

She really is a great mom! That is how i spend my birthdays; with my kids every year! We always plan something fun for the whole family.! I may only be 32 but i am way over the bar scene and have been for 9 years since i have been a mother!

SImom88 SImom88

i spent my 21st bday in the hospital wit my middle son who was sick. my 20th bday my hubby and i went to the city wit my oldest who was 3 at the time and we had a blast. i havnet had a bday party since i was a teenager. since havin kids its always been the family goin out for dinner or just havin cake at home. but iam thinkin this year i might leave the kids wit my mom and actually go out wit the hubby to celebrate.

Ruth Peterson

Her children should not be in high back booster seats with seatbelts. They should be in a seat with a 5 point harness, especially her special needs child.

shell... shellyplatz

to Ruth Peterson - Car seats go by weight and height. AS good a mother as she is, I am SURE she read the instructions on her car seats.

In regards to the article, not all mommies go out and get drunk on their birthdays so it's not really surprising that she celebrates as a family.

nonmember avatar Marsha

I spent my 21st birthday giving birth to my son and every year is his birthday too. I wouldn't have it any other way than being with my boys!

nonmember avatar Marsha

And @ruth that is not true! There are plenty of children their age, as carseats go by weight, that use seatbelts and that type of carseat, my son included!

nonmember avatar sam

Wow Ruth are you seriously gonna take a sweet story and photo and find something to complain about? How about just saying 'awe that's sweet 'or something encouraging instead of nitpicking at things you think are wrong

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