Postman Delivers Mail -- Into Baby's Mouth (VIDEO)

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There's nothing like a baby getting hurt to give you the giggles, amiright? Wait, did I just say that? What I meant was, as long as the baby doesn't REALLY get hurt, but just looks like he got hurt a little bit, and -- aw, crap. I don't know how to explain myself here. There is simply nothing funny about a baby getting shoved in the mouth by a buttload of mail and falling down and bursting into tears. EXCEPT. When it's hysterical. Yes, okay, so I'm going to hell.

This baby, who is probably in the midlands of England if his mother's accent is any indication, appears to be waiting patiently for a letter to arrive. And it sounds like mummy knows the postman is on his way because, for starters, she's videotaping the kid by the letterbox. She also says something about "Daddy's letter."

The kid is standing on what looks like a toy firetruck and clinging unsteadily to the doorknob, so the situation is already a bit precarious. But it suddenly becomes very precarious when the mail arrives -- and the mailman (presumably) has no idea that the tyke is behind the door. Unless he just doesn't like kids. I mean really doesn't like kids.

Take a look and then we'll shame ourselves for laughing:

Well, did ya laugh? Did ya, punk? Did you smile? Admit it! Maybe I'm just a horrible person. The way those letters go practically all the way down the kid's throat -- bwa! I mean, horrible. Horrible. Poor kid.

Imagine if this experience gives him a lifelong phobia? The MAIL!!! Envelopes!! Letters!!! Paper!!! I can still taste the stamps!! AHHHHH!!!

Did you think this was funny or evil?


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LostS... LostSoul88

It's not evil or funny. The child got hurt and it wasn't done on purpose.  Kind of fucked up to think it's funny when I child gets hurt and clain the child "got owned'. also so assume the mail man did it on purpose because he hates children. 

I hate to be your child(ren) you probably laugh if they got hurt.

nonmember avatar blue

Oh, lighten up LostSoul!! It was an accident and the kid wasn't hurt!! It WAS funny, because it was a freak thing and the boy was uninjured. She was JOKING, and didn't assume he did it on purpose. Good lord. Anyway, this could happen easily. We have door delivery, and our mailman doesn't even look up when he sticks the mail through. He's getting the other house's mail ready. He wouldn't even notice a kid standing there!

Coles... Coles_mom

It's funny only because it wasn't negligence or malice thy cause it. Momma picked him up and gave him love and everybody gets a good chuckle over the video later.

Coles... Coles_mom

*that caused it

nonmember avatar Jelly

LostSoul88 do you do anything other than read cafemom and comment on EVERY POST? Just wondering.

nonmember avatar sashA

Yes you are horrible and not just for this

Cyndi Kuhn

I'm not gonna call the author names or get all up in arms about an accident, but no, I didn't think it was all that funny to be honest. I hate seeing children hurt, so it just isn't funny to me.

Melissa D Norman

I'm all for a good laugh, and even love AFV, but this did not strike me as one of those funny or hilarious moments.  Evil....that's a stretch, but IMHO you made more out of this then what it was worth.  i personally wouldn't knowwing allow my toddler to stand on anthing that has wheels and wasn't meant to be.  And yes, I'd like to think I have a pretty good sense of humor.  Now the Evian babies....genius!

Myrtle Miller

So she just happened to be videoing her baby in that location and the mailperson that day just happened to deliver something that caused that poor kid to fall. I think humor gained at the expense of others is always in poor taste.

MomOf... MomOf2AndAZoo

Not funny. Poor little guy hit his head on the handle to that toy.

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