Vaccine That Helps Kids With Autism Can't Come Soon Enough

kid doctors officeA new vaccine could make the lives of kids with autism a whole lot easier. As parents know, children on the spectrum often struggle with tummy troubles -- diarrhea and constipation. It turns out there's an intestinal bacteria that's common among kids with autism. Doctors are working on a vaccine that would target symptoms of autism caused by that bacteria.

To be clear, it's not going to wipe out all symptoms of autism. This is a very narrowly-targeted drug that would be used to treat just gastrointestinal disorders. But with everything else parents and kids have to deal with already, can you imagine crossing that problem off your list?

Unfortunately, it's going to be years before this drug is on the market (if ever), possibly over a decade. It still has to go through trials and approvals. That's not so helpful for parents with kids now, though it give hope for future generations.

Doctors still don't quite understand why kids with autism are more likely to have the bacteria, clostridium bolteae (or C. bolteae). But around 90 percent of them have it, and of those kids, 75 percent have severe gastrointestinal problems. Antibiotics can control the symptoms for some kids, somewhat. But the vaccine would be more effective.

So it would be amazing if kids with autism and terrible GI problems could get rid of the latter. But here's a plus: Understanding C. bolteae could bring doctors closer to understanding how autism itself works. There's a theory that's building momentum that the bacteria and toxins may affect the severity of autism symptoms. But we're still a long ways from understanding exactly how and why.

Are GI problems among your child's symptoms?


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LoveM... LoveMyViolet

Maybe next they can make a vaccine for obesity?! 

LadyM... LadyMinni

More vaccines, just what autistic kids need. There are natural approaches to balancing out these issues. It's hard, but at least it isn't another chemical filled nightmare that has no testing for long-term effects. Going gluten free really helps the digestive problems, as wheat is GM which increases the already high inflammation in the autistic child's gut, causing these symptoms to be worse. It doesn't help everyone, but it does help the vast majority. I'm told it can help with Crohns and IBS too.

Margo Alleman

Abolutly not!  They became that way because of vaccines.  (debatable I know, but logical to me), so why would you put more deadly chemicles into their little body?!?!

Jaime Swift Sundin

I am not buying this shit, sorry but my daughter is extremely autstic and has never had pooping problems, if were going to actually fix something about autism lets be real and fix real shit about it.  Not shitting problems.

nonmember avatar Candyce Estave

Are you kidding? No safety testing on vaccines! My child regressed after a round of 8 toxic vaccines. Poisoning our children is negligence.. WAKE UP people.

nonmember avatar S Strayhorn

A vaccine to fix the problems so many face caused by vaccines...great idea. Let's not actually try to stop this epidemic, let's just continue to find a way to profit off of it. They haven't even done safety tests on our current vaccine schedule still to this day and we are supposed to trust this? And the answers to why so many have gi issues are there, but geez it took them almost twenty years to even acknowledge gi issues in autism existed, so it will be another twenty years before they listen to us parents again as to why. Such nonsense, and sadly people will scoop it up just like they will seek drugs to manage the symptoms instead of looking for the why and fixing the actual problem.

nonmember avatar lissab82

How many studies need to be conducted that show vaccines DON'T cause autism? I am very sorry for all those children and families out there struggling with autism, but we need to get past this damaging theory.

nonmember avatar Marchauna

More and more research is pointing to GI issues and bacteria (like C. bolteae) as the cause of autism, as well as several other similar disorders. Instead of continuing to treat the symptoms, doctors need to address the causes!!

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride has done extensive research on the connection between gut dysbiosis and pyschological issues like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, depression, and even Schizophrenia and anxiety. These conditions can be successfully treated with the GAPS diet. Instead of continuing to add new issues and new vaccines (and possibly create more issues down the road), why not go back to the way things are designed to be?! This idea shows the egotism and short-sightedness of traditional Western medicine.

Aleah McDonald Green

Yes both my boys are autistic and they both have GI issues.

Kristina Kirk

I'm done with giving my children vaccines with all these studies saying that they get autism from the vaccines and I'm just not willing to let that happen to my children I refuse to give them shots any more! It only makes them sick when they get their shots They don't need them I think the only ones they need are a few they give in the hospital when they are born coming into the world besides that no. I think all parents need to refuse! 

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