A Total Stranger Is Going to Bethenny Frankel's House to Judge Her Parenting Skills

bethenny frankelYikes, things are getting ugly on the Bethenny Frankel/Jason Hoppy divorce front. Since both parties are asking for full custody of their 2-year-old daughter Bryn, a parenting evaluation has been court ordered for Mom and Dad. AKA, someone is going to come to Bethenny's home and watch her parent her child. Violating much?

Bethenny is reportedly incensed over the whole thing, as any parent would be. According to a source: "Bethenny is furious that her parenting style and methods are going to be questioned. Bryn is her whole life, and she doesn’t want anyone to assess her mothering skills." While I understand that this is all protocol and in the best interest of Bryn, I would be furious, too. Nobody likes their parenting to be questioned. And having to parent in front of an audience who's critiquing you? No thanks. 

It's obvious that Bethenny and Jason both love their daughter very much, but why can't they try to work out some sort of joint custody agreement? I can't imagine how hard it would be not seeing your child every day, but Bryn needs both a mother and a father in her life. New York City is a small island -- can't they live on the same block and co-parent? Or even the same building? Perhaps I'm being naive, but it seems sad that the agreement has to be so cut and dried. (And let's not forget -- Bethenny is insanely busy. She just got a talk show. Can she handle Bryn full time?)

I hope for Bethenny's sake that the evaluation isn't too brutal. I don't doubt for a second that she's a good mother. But also, I hope what truly is best for little Bryn is the conclusion that's come to. Bethenny and Jason may not get along, but they both seem like good parents to their daughter.

Do you think Bethenny should have full custody?


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Roxygurl Roxygurl

That's what happens in a divorce. I'm glad that custody isn't just awarded to the mom, while she may ultimately get more than 50% but at least they aren't just giving her custody because she is the mom. Jason deserves just as much time with his daughter.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

Oh shut-up! Seriously, this is pretty much standard in custody cases. These are trained social-workers who are looking out for the best for a child. If you have never dealt with - or hell RESEARCHED- a custody case maybe you shouldn't be writting about one.

sassy... sassykat122

I don't really feel bad or like it's an invasion of her privacy. Bethenny chose to try for full custody. She may be strong willed but her husband is no pushover and she had to know that wouldn't fly with him. Bethenny has only herself to blame for the coming evaluation

Julie Ann Dressler

I hope she loses, she had a wonderful husband and life, she is a weirdo.

Laurie Kliemann

Invasion of privacy??? She is a reality TV star! Team JASON!!!

nonmember avatar Karen

To co-parent there has to be mutual respect. To co parent they must like for each other in order to ensure each parent supports the other as a parent. It appears this relationship has neither, and ultimately Bryn looses.

Vicki Berger-Marcus


"Pretty standard when both parents are asking for joint custody!


Mollie Shirley Duncklee

no.....50/50 they live within blocks from one another. Work it out for Bryn.

Tamma Kay Stamper Hughes

When people are being unreasonable and not looking out for the best interests of the child this is what happens !! They are looking for a healthy environment for the child , why is she so upset, unless she is worried . Let's be honest Jason never had a chance .

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