A Bright & Colorful Room for a Little Toddler Girl -- Would You Dare?

In stark contrast to the last black-and-white toddler's room I wrote about, here's a bold and bohemian space for little Marlowe. Mom Drea runs a popular blog called Oh Dear Drea and put together an eclectic and happy spot for her sweet little girl.

Click through to see a few more photos below!

Re-using some old party decorations to hang over the bed was genius! I love the look and I'll bet Marlowe does too. 

A darling little retro dollhouse serves as a small night table

Of course the dresser was an amazing roadside find, and it looks right at home here! 

Sweet little personal touches like those baby dresses are dotted throughout the room. The curtain panels were made from fabric from a local Indian store.

Tucking the play kitchen into the closet helps the room feel less cluttered and lets Marlowe make messes as big as her imagination. So fun!

I love the vintage vibe this room gives off and think everything comes together quite nicely.

Tell me, is it too kitschy for you or right up your alley? 

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nonmember avatar kaerae

That's a really pretty strangulation hazard right beside the crib.


What a fun and happy room for a little girl! I love it!

JoJos415 JoJos415

I like it. It's not cookie cutter. Very unique. It also doesn't look so perfect that a kid would be afraid to make a mess. Let's face it, while neatness is important, a bedroom + playroom for a child really shouldn't look like something out of a magazine. It's for living.

nonmember avatar Kate Williams

I would love this as my own room!! I especially love the window treatments.

Susan Delly

Agh!  Please don't hang things over your baby's crib... or even a toddler bed.  

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