'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Films Video While Driving With Her Daughter -- Dumbest Parenting Move Yet? (VIDEO)

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farrah abrahamTeen Mom Farrah Abraham is moving out of her mom's house, dagnabit! She and little Sophie hopped in the car and are on their way to greener pastures! Well, let's hope they get to greener pastures because, for whatever reason, Farrah thought it would be a good idea to film a video of herself driving at night on a highway with her daughter in the car and post it on Keek! What is wrong with this woman?!

In the video, Farrah explains that she's "the crazy mommy trying to do everything -- work, move, and make the best for Soph" -- which, side note, Farrah, isn't driving in the car with her while filming yourself. She also mentions that she has been "driving for 13 hours", which is really lovely when you think about how tired Farrah must be to boot. Way to go there, Mom.

The sad part of the whole thing is that Farrah clearly doesn't even know she's doing anything wrong, as she posted the video on a social networking site. She obviously didn't think for a second when she was took out her phone: "You know what? Maybe this isn't a great idea right now." Most of us won't even answer the phone when we're driving in the car with the kids, nevertheless shoot a vignette and post it online.

When it comes to parenting -- even with these Teen Moms -- I try to be "live and let live". But this is one idiotic move. I mean, there's a giant truck in front of her for crissake. Save the keeking for when you get to a gas station -- or for when your daughter's not in the car!

Do you text and drive with your kids in the car?

Apr 18, 2013 | #KeekIt if your #RoadTrippin , mine and Soph's 1st road trip #Love by f1abraham on Keek.com


Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter

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Montana Emery

She must be back on drugs. She seemed to be doing well when she was "clean." I think she is up to something...

Tina Riesen

is she stupid or what? you do not text,video or talk while you are driving ever little lone do it with your child in the car

Donyale Ray'e

It's not that bad! There are ALOT of people that video tape while they drive.

Rosemarie Gray

Yes it is bad you could get in a car wrack people these days are just stupid...

Emily Mayes

I'm kinda tired of hearing about Farrah everyday. OK...so she's a fame-hungry "Teenmom-gone-wild". We get it. Can someone just call Child Protective Services already so we can be done wtih this crap????I mean,  I think she's highly egotistical without the smarts or even the looks to make it work...but who am I to judge? I just don't want to hear about her latest "get-rich-quick" scam or even her bad parenting anymore.

Cathy Cook

She doesn't deserve that little girl...

Kristina Kirk

Okay guys yes this girl is annoying fame hungry ect....But she was looking at the road the whole time this video was really not that bad and 36 secs long. I don't care for her. Just saying I've made a video while driving of my daughter she's so silly in the car and had my eyes on the road the whole time! I'm not a bad mom for that matter.

Trish Haycraft

Go going.... your are on your  way to Mother of the year!!!

Trish Haycraft

Good going...... you are on your way to Mother of the year!!!!

nonmember avatar sam

cafe mom do u have.something against teen parents? all u do is talk bad about them. but come one people let the girl breath she is not perfect. are any of you perfect. who gives yall thr right to judge when we our selfs make mistakes???

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