The Thank-You Notes You Wish Your Kid Would Write

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Being a mom can sometimes be a thankless job. Sure, we’re rewarded for our efforts in the form of sweet smiles, sloppy kisses, and painfully adorable stick-figure drawings, but wouldn’t it be nice to get some actual written acknowledgment from time to time? Here’s what they’d probably write:

Dear Mom,

Thank you for ...

• Trying to catch my puke with your hands that time I got carsick.

• Making plain buttered noodles for me for two weeks straight when I refused to eat anything else.

• Laughing instead of screaming when you saw that crayon masterpiece on the wall.

• Always finding the other shoe.

• Pretending to be a superhero.

• Actually BEING a superhero.

• Letting me watch the same TV show over and over and over and over again.

• Snuggling with me in your bed when I was too scared to sleep in mine.

• Letting me spit my chewed-up food into your hand when I didn't like the way it tasted.

• Not cleaning up the car “racetrack” I made on the living room floor (even though you tripped over it on your way to bed).

• Serving ice cream for dinner at least once every summer.

• Indulging me when I asked you to let me wear your lipstick and/or high heels.

• Leaving the light on in the hallway at night.

• Scooping my poop out of the tub with your bare hands.

• Cutting my grilled cheese into triangles and cutting off the crusts.

• Helping me wash my hands after I went “exploring” in the trash can.

• Not getting mad when I wiped my nose on your sleeve AFTER you handed me a tissue.

• Telling me you love me every single chance you get.

What would YOU add to this list?

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TerriC TerriC

I would add....thank you for washing my hair, braiding it into teeny tiny braids so in the morning I could have "Princess" waves, only to realize I hated it and you had to wash my hair again in the morning before school to make it straight again.

BabyTeki BabyTeki

I can't think of any more to add right now, but a few on the list made me smile.

elasmimi elasmimi

Great list! I guess I would add taking me in after my real mom abandoned me. But I'm the one who got lucky there.

bamab... bamababe1975

I wish mine would thank me for providing them with everything they need plus much of what they want.

godde... goddess99

Thank you for letting me puke in your hands instead of on my bed. =/

TerriC TerriC

Maybe one day our kids will see all we did for them????  I see now what my Mom went maybe there is hope?? LOL

dusky... dusky_rose

I can't think of anything to add right now, but great list!

nonmember avatar digitalman72

There are some classic lines in there that were added because the article either didn't understand them or took them completely out of context. The TITANIC line for instance, the Cast Away one is another.

Rushn311 Rushn311

Great list!!!!

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