Stop the Car, Mommy, Pee-Pee Is Coming!

toddler potty training

Photo by SnarkyLiterati

'Tis the season for lots of car trips -- to the mall and Grandmas house and the mall and the ski slope and the mall ... And that means moms everywhere are on special red alert for the moment their toddler announces from the backseat: "Mommy, I have to go. RIGHT NOW!"

Many moms balk at the idea of putting diapers back on a newly potty-trained tyke. Some toddler mamas won't leave home without sticking a travel potty, like the one shown below, in the trunk.

I can see how that would work great at the park, but what happens when you're on a major highway or back road without a shoulder and just can't pull over? And, for me, $26 is a little pricey for a potty you only use once in a while.



I wondered how other Toddler Moms deal with this sticky (and messy) situation. Here's what a few around CafeMom said:

"I have my daughter go just before we leave the house and remind her throughout our drive that she has big girl undies on and to let Mommy know if she has to go potty. When we reach our destination, I ask her to go again (most times she says she doesn't have to) but I'll have her go before we leave that destination. It's hard."  --MeloBrown


"During potty training, I had my son yell out "pee pee" from the back seat only to find out he peed as soon as he finished yelling it out. While driving, I take note of where I might pull over in case he yells out. I look for restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops, whatever.

I have pulled over and let my son pee in public. I open the passenger door, face him towards the car, squat down behind him, and let him pee. I don't like doing that, and he doesn't really like doing that, and I wont if it's a dangerous location." --Caroline78


"My son is not even close to being potty trained yet, but here are some ideas I have gotten from other moms...

  •  For a mess-free travel potty, put two plastic grocery bags to cover the seat and a maxi pad in the hole to soak up the liquid.  Then when they are done just tie up the bags and toss it.
  • For long car trips, put a pull-up on OVER their underwear, and pack an extra pair of underwear just in case.
  • Buy a little potty seat that folds up (unfolds and sits on a regular toilet) and keep it in your diaper bag for occasions where using a public bathroom is necessary."  --XOXOnBubbles


Any more ideas from travel savvy moms?

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