'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Has Perfect Trick for Bashing Your Ex in Front of the Kid

chelsea houska aubreeWhen I hear a mom badmouthing her kid's dad right in front of the child, I cringe. Literally. I can feel my face turning into a grimace, and I draw back my shoulder blades. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was watching Teen Mom 2 recently and heard Chelsea Houska talking about her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind.

Notice I said "pleasantly." Chelsea has had her fair share of problems with her good-for-nothing ex, enough that she deserves her time to rant about him. But she's also made it quite obvious that she's aware little Aubree deserves a relationship with her dad.

Chelsea has started spelling Adam's name when she refers to him in front of Aubree. I noticed it a few weeks back and thought it might have been a fluke, but each time I tune in to Teen Mom 2, it happens again.

I wish I could go give her a big hug and a high-five. That's some parenting done right right there.

Listen, in a perfect world, we would all get along with our kid's other parent. But we all know it's not a perfect world. Put two people together, and there are bound to be problems between them at SOME point. Even parents who are happily married -- and don't have half of the issues Chelsea has with Adam -- sometimes get so annoyed with their spouse that it's hard to rein it all in.

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You hear it all the time. At the grocery store. At the park. At the beauty salon. Moms and Dads bashing the other parents while the poor kid sits there, soaking it all in.

I will say a lot of times I don't think the parents even realize it. Most I know won't say it directly TO their kids (although, yes, I've known those types too ... and they're awful).

But when a kid hears someone trashing their parent, what do you think it does to their psyche? This is half their gene pool AND a person they desperately love. Trash talking a parent with the kid in the room puts the child right in the middle, and that's just not fair.

So how do you get around it? Don't do it, for one, or if you're going to have to say something, take a page out of Chelsea's book and speak in code.

Obviously spelling Adam's name won't work forever for the Teen Mom. Her toddler is going to go to school and learn to spell one of these days. But the fact that she's aware of the precarious position she's in shows Chelsea knows she has to be careful; I have a feeling she'll come up with another solution when Aubree starts spelling.

Do you ever badmouth your kid's other parent? How do you get around it?


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jessa... jessasmamma

I refuse to say bad things about my ex-husband/daughter's father in front of her. My parents divorced when I was 8 and I remember both of my parents saying things about the other. I know that they didn't think about what they were doing, but it really was difficult to deal with. I refuse to put my daughter in that same situation. The past three times that my daughter has visited her father, she has come home saying things about me, and I think it is so wrong. She's an innocent 4 year old child and regardless of her father and I's failure as husband and wife - we are both her parents and she should love us both equally. I'm not going to say bad things about him to her to try to get her on "my side", etc. She shouldn't feel like there's a side to choose. The only things I ever say to my daughter about her father is that he loves her, etc. Never anything bad.

jessa... jessasmamma

PS : In my opinion, even spelling someone's name in front of a child and talking bad about that person - is NOT okay. Kids are smart. They might not know how to spell at 3 years old, but they understand a lot more than we think. Chelsea spells Adam's name, but then talks about how he doesn't see Aubree and only pretends to be a good father for his girlfriend. I have no doubt in my mind that Aubree knows exactly who Chelsea is talking about. And it's wrong. No child should be put in that position.

PS : I like Chelsea for the most part. I don't agree with her talking badly about Adam, and I do think she needs to step up in a big way with school or a job. She was doing so well for a while. But I do think she IS a good mom. Anyone that has ever watched Teen Mom can see how much Chelsea loves Aubree and how well taken care of Aubree is.

Andi Dodd

I always refer to mine as BD for baby daddy when my daughter is around.

nonmember avatar Sam

We get around bashing my step sons mum in from of my step son, by calling her "Billy" (as in Billy bullsh*tter - a common insult for liars in England) her name is completely different.

Ashlee Billesbach

i do the same thing. we should be able to talk even though our child could be in another room i still spelled his name

Karen Dowling-Barth

I had a counselor to tell me never to trash my daughters biological father in front of them or to them because it would give them low self-esteem.  Chelsea is such a great mother and doing so great with Aubree.  Believe me Aubree will see (hopefully not until she is a lot older) exactly how her father treated her mom (and the ugly things he said about her also) which hurts my heart.  I believe he even called Aubree a bastard.  Chelsea won't have to tell her a thing...heck she can Google it. He won't be able to deny it either because it was on tv and words out of his own pig mouth.  They may have to get her counseling for what that does to her.  I wish Chelsea would move on and find a good guy.  She does need to get away from Adam (he never really sees Aubree anyway unless he wants to play "family" with a girlfriend).  She will meet a good guy that will love her and Aubree and Chelsea will be happy again.

nonmember avatar rachelle

And what does she plan to do when she talks bad about her daughters father when her daughter learns to spell? Its never okay to bad mouth another parent in front of your child(ren) period, if you must rant about then do it when the kids are not around, and no I don't mean in another room......

tuffy... tuffymama

She shouldn't be in the practice of talking trash about him in front of the child AT ALL. Period. I know how she feels. Lord knows my first husband was a sack of crap and is STILL a miserable father to all his kids. But I TRIED to bite my tongue in front of ODS. He knows his dad is shit. He has thanked me for not doing to him about his dad what my mother did to me about my dad. I have an acquaintance who has three kids and talks shit about all their dads in front of them, and to them. Those kids feel like crap because they're told their fathers don't care anout them, and their mother is neglectful, so they must not be worthy... Klassy.

NatalieAprilstarr'smommy Hufford

Yea the minute I heard her spell his name I was impressed that she thought of that. That was a great idea!

Megan Armstrong

i think she was crazy for taking adam back so many times but only she knows why she loves him and plus they do share a child together but i wish he would stop being such a ass . but i can say she is a good mom to her daughter and has been since day one but all i can say is . aubrie will one day realize what peace of shit her dad is . and know her mom was there for her from the start i really feel bad for the lil angel . she is cute and adam is missing and has missed on so much its sad

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