Excuse Me, Your Kid Has Autism

desert islandAs we all know from being on CafeMom, we moms have a natural instinct for looking out for one another -- even total strangers. Offline, as well. You see a child who's about to fall out of the cart in the grocery store, or poised to pop a marble in his mouth, and you pounce. No hesitation at all jumping right in.

But in some situations, it's a bit harder to know the right thing to do. Here's a story from babble.com about a mom, Amy Lutz, with an autistic son who takes her younger kids to a toddler music class. She could tell that another child in the class, a 20-month-old, is clearly autistic -- but his mom had no idea.


"I was positive the mother didn't know," Lutz writes. "I had overheard one of the music teachers observing that Ben reminded him of his grown son, who had ADHD as a boy. "Don't say that," Ben's mother said, laughing nervously. That's why I was so sure.

"[My sister] Keri was so alarmed by the possibility I might approach Ben's mother that I didn't say anything. My husband thought my silence in the music class represented a 'moral failure.' "You have a responsibility to the child," he said, simply.

"But is it that simple?"

Find out what the mom decided to do in this article on autism and etiquette. Then come back and tell me if you've ever spotted a potential health problem in a stranger's child. Did you approach them about it? What was the reaction -- offended or grateful?

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