The 390 Questions a Mom Gets Asked in a Day

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girlI knew my brain was drained at the end of a day of parenting two children for plenty of reasons, but I never considered just how much time and energy I put into answering their questions. Oh, I realized it was a lot, but I'd never considered the actual number of questions being fired at me.

A recent study did, however, and the findings are pretty astonishing. According to, a study from online retailer Littlewoods surveyed 1,000 mothers with kids between 2-10. They found that moms get asked about 228 questions a day -- and that's just from one child. Four-year-old girls ask the most questions -- 390 per day, which amounts to more than one every minute they're awake!

Lucky me, I happen to have a 4-year-old girl, and while that number seemed high at first read, when I actually started thinking about, I started to wonder if it's really high enough.

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So for one day, I attempted to count and capture the questions my daughter asked. I lost track someone around 300, and there was still a large chunk of the day left. Here are some of them:

Do you have a snack?
Will you turn the music up?
Will you turn it down?
Do you have a snack?
Are you sure?
Can you just see?

Am I being sassy?
What's sassy?
Can I have a smoothie?
Can someone's hand get blended off in a blender?
Do I need two hands to do ballet?
When can I have a play date with Kelsey?

What's this? (Asked loudly during my son's crowded Jujitsu class. It was a tampon.)
Is there an "O" in Evans?
Is there an "O" in Claire?
Is there an "O" in Lila?
What if my name was Kai Kay Kydaho?
When I'm 5, will I be taller than Kelsey?
Why is the car wet?
What is dew?

Why is my window wet and Nolan's isn't?
Can you dry my window?
Can you get my princess thing?
Do I have to get four shots when I'm 5?
When am I going to be 5?

How long until January?
Was I patient?
Remember when I got that wristband?
What's moss?
What does "release the moss" mean?
Can I blow on your coffee?
What's an apartment?

Can we rent our house someday?
Why can't I lick people?
You wanna know something ... ? x 24

Why? x 100 (at least)
Can I have the iPad?

Will you open my yogurt?
Do I need to drink more water?
Am I a good teeth brusher?
Can I stay up for 5 more minutes?
Ten more minutes?

I won't keep going, but you get the gist -- and she's at school a big chunk of the day! Yes, it's great that they're inquisitive, and I know it's how they learn. I'm not complaining really, but damn, it's a LOT of questions!

Let's see, that's at least 390 plus another 200 or so from my son, and no wonder I can't remember my own name some days.

Do you think your children ask more or fewer questions than this?


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Gosh...just reading her list of questions wore ME out...whew!!!

nonmember avatar MammaMel

love it!!! I'm so going to make my own list!!! Most frequently asked "Can I have a drink?" "Can I have cars on your phone?" "Can I play angry birds?" "Can I watch toy story?" "When can we go to Disney World?" "Can I bring my bike inside?" those are the ones I am guarenteed toget at least 3 times a day!

PAmom... PAmommy32

I have a 3 year old boy and an 8 week old.  I feel like I get asked tons of questions and some I don't even know how to answer.  Embarrasing ones too.  He asked the baby sitter the other day why she doesn't feed the baby with her boobs.  I really tried not to laugh because to him it was a serious question but it was hilarious.

chech... chechimansmama

Andy pick up your toys. Why? Because its time to go to sleep. But why? Because I said so. Aww why do u always say that? Because Andy just pick up your toys. But why momma? Oh my word Andy pick it up now! Why momma is it time to go to sleep? This is every night. I didn't realize how many ?s were being asked daily. I may have to count one day.... but im scared. LOL

jilly... jillymac1986

This is hilarious! I have a VERY curious 5 year old and a 2 year old, the questions only stop when they are sleeping, and then I swear my husband picks up the slack! Boys, lol

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Lmao! I have 2 girls, 4 and 7. I swear i get asked a thousand questions a day. No exaggeration. Even with the oldest at school all day lol

Demetria Porter

more than this....LOL I have a 6 year girl:-)

Megan Johnson

Don't forget the inevitable "why?" after every explanation.  :-p

Erin Regan

And all before we have finished eating breakfast. 4 words "4 yr old twins..."

RiotP... RiotPixie

I have an almost-3 year old daughter. She asks 'why' about everything. Cute phase that just won't pass...and isn't cute for long. Add that on top of an almost-7 year old boy's daily questions and constant babble from a very talkative 16 month old little brain needs a nap. Lol

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