Crummy Cookie Monster Shoves 2-Year-Old When He Doesn't Get a Tip


Cookie MonsterEverything was not a-ok Sunday in New York's Times Square. In fact, it got pretty crummy when Parmita Kurada, her husband, and two sons were headed to Toys R Us to buy a new bicycle.

On the way, her 2-year-old son, Samay, spotted some costumed characters who work the area and collect tips for posing with tourists. According to the New York Daily News, they took a picture with a character from Puss in Boots, then Cookie Monster got greedy and started angling hard for his shot at a tip. Kurada says he got so aggressive that he scooped her son right up and said, "Come on, take a picture!"

With no cash on hand for a tip, she sent her husband to an ATM to withdraw some, but that wasn't quick enough for Cookie Monster. Karuda said Cookie Monster, aka 33-year-old street performer Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez, actually pushed her 2-year-old son and started cursing at her.

"You are a bitch, your son is a bastard, and your stuff is trash,” Cookie Monster reportedly shouted at her.

This coming from the mouth of Cookie Monster! If she hadn't been so frightened and appalled by him doing this in front of her son, there might have been some humor there. But as it was, there was nothing funny about it. She said he kept asking for money, and she was getting scared. She told the New York Post:

I was shocked. I said, "Why are you talking like this? You’ll get your money." I don’t know if he pushed the stroller or Samay, but the next thing I knew, Samay was startled and on the ground.

Police were called, and after reviewing security footage, Quiroz-Lopez now faces charges of child endangerment and aggressive begging. Hopefully, he'll be punished to the full extent of the law.

What a horrible thing to do to a child. My kids were scared enough of costumed characters when they were that age. So to have him make them even creepier is just vile. This kid will probably never be comfortable around them again, and that's a shame, because they can be such a sweet source of joy for them.

If it had been Oscar the Grouch, it might have been a tad more explainable to the boy, but it had to be Cookie Monster, which makes this whole crazy story even worse. Shame on him.

Has your child ever had a bad experience with a character?

Image via Sarah_Ackerman/Flickr

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LostS... LostSoul88

He needs to be charged for assult/child abuse he harmed a child for no reason. I don't understand how society can sit back and allow tis to happen. Did no one try and hold him back or knock him out afetr he hurt this child?

Sierr... SierraLynn

I would have just left. It's a tip, its not required and if someone just came up and grabbed my child for a picture, I would NOT be nonchalant about it. If then that person started acting the way described, it would.not have been pretty in getting my point across to not touch my children or threaten us.

Mary Fowler

When I was  five Snow White went to grab me at Disney my mom told her not to, but she picked me up and I bit a chunk out of her cheek.

Craft... CraftyJenna

That's terrible! I would want assult charges. Also I hope Sesame Street sues him, because I doubt very much they support people dressing like their characters and begging for money, let alone asulting children and cussing out parents on the way. 

Seren... SerenityDark

That is aweful. I had my own experience with Winnie the Pooh when I was a kid. To this day, Winnie the Pooh still brings back bad memory of Disneyland.

mcfar... mcfarterson

Dressing in children's character costumes and begging??  I mean, can there be a more pathetic way to collect money?  What is wrong with people?   I hope this weirdo gets thrown in jail.. I dont understand why begging is tolerated anyway... ugh...  i would've had to kick this guy in the nuts if he would've even touched my kid.. And also, why in the world did the mother stand there and allow herself and the child to be treated that way?   Why didnt she just walk away?  I mean, what was Cookie going to do? Press charges?

Missy... Missy2cats

Its straight up assault. Throw the book at him.

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