Stories of Abuse Alert Parents to Do Their Homework When Choosing a Day Care

daycareI think every parent worries about their child when they drop them off anywhere, so when you hear stories like this, of a day care being shut down after alleged child abuse, our collective ears perk up. Could that be happen to us? In this case, it was a daycare in Hamlin, Pennsylvania. Supposedly, two employees held a child upside down by his ankles after he bit a staff member, made him walk around in his underwear as punishment after he soiled his pants, and duct taped the boy's hands and feet to a chair so that he wouldn't move.

The Department of Public Welfare has decided to shut down the place, but the owner of Just 4 Kids Day Care is appealing the ruling.

The most interesting thing about this horrible case, though, is what the interviewees shared with the reporter. One woman said she was shocked by the news, stating that whenever she'd dropped kids off there, the employees were always super nice and friendly.

Then, another neighbor interviewed declined to be on camera because she's "afraid of the owner of the day care." A third woman who also lives in the area didn't want to be on camera, either.

It's mildly suspicious at best, but if an adult is scared of the day care owner, what must the children feel? 

While I understand that there will always be a dissenter from the group, I would be curious, as a mother, why someone would be intimidated by the leader of a day care.

In a world where everyone can Yelp their thoughts on everything from soggy mushrooms on pizza to the capability of some mental health specialists, it's tough to form your own opinion on a place, but there's no place other than a day care that requires such due diligence.

If someone didn't like the establishment, I'd want to know more. Is it because they're fickle and had a disagreement about billing with the day care? Or is it because they had an over-arching, legitimate concern about the place?

When it comes to our kids, almost no question should go unanswered. For the first one, at least. Wink.

What would you think of a day care that had mixed reviews?


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redK8... redK8blueSt8

The ugly truth is that people can pretend to be what they want you to believe they are. Of course the daycare was nice and friendly to parents dropping off kids, that's where they get paid. No kids=no money.

abra819 abra819

We took a major cut in income BECAUSE I didn't want to put him in daycare.  I was fortunate enough too, many parents aren't.

tuffy... tuffymama

Me too, abra. My brother and I both suffered in daycare. Neither of my kids has been in a daycare.

youth... youthfulsoul

A lot of centers are funded by government assistance. Those families receiving the daycare aide probably don't have a choice where to go.

corri... corrinacs

I did my research long and hard.  And I visited every school in question.  Some I knocked off the list just by meeting the workers......or seeing the place....dirty and dingy.  Not goign there!

But when I did find a handful of places, I researched Yelp and my state's CPS website where they have all daycares listed along with inspections with voilations.  Some voilations were dumb, like they didn'dt have some form filed properly, but others had voilations that would make your jaw drop!  It was a great way to see how they work when you aren't looking!

Luckily, I've found a place that's loved both of my children well!  I've never had a problem!

nurse... nursemama88

I am VERY picky who I leave my kids with. Thank god my MIL watches the kids when Iwork.

Denise K Holmes

I have had a daycare and if people do this they are not "KID FRIENDLY" much less to say that this is torture and child abuse!!They need to be shut down! it is really hard to say what else they have done....

.Mel. .Mel.

This is not just in daycares either! I am a former sitter that kept contact with as many other sitters in my area as I possibly could in case I got my hands full and of the 20-something other sitters I only felt comfortable recommending TWO. I would hear from sitters about how they had to punish children and the things they would tell me would make me physically ill! One of them used to make the autistic boy she sat with bathe in scalding hot water whenever he soiled his pants as a form of punishment. And then she would make him spend the rest of his visit up until an hour before his parents were due to pick him up in her infant daughter's diaper even though he was almost 5 years old! This kind of thing happens often and it makes me sick. I quit being a sitter two years ago because it would just emotionally drain me when the parents would tell me what the sitters they used to go to would do to their children. I couldn't take the heartache anymore.

This is why I'm afraid to leave my own children with anyone when I have them. I will never know who I can trust after those experiences. And now when my husband's siblings need to be watched, I will watch them just to be sure they don't have to experience such traumatic punishments by truly disgusting people.

Young... YoungHold

We went through 3 daycares the first 6 months I was back at work.  Only the second one made me fear for my son's well-being like this story.  We dropped him off and went to work, then started talking to each other via phone and it did not feel right to either of us.  We left work, picked him up and pulled him from the facility immediately. 

The woman's sister was watching the kids while she was out of town at a childcare conference supposedly.  But we caught them giving him food that we'd not cleared for allergies (lovely 3 am vomiting), gave him a chicken bone to gnaw on (they admitted this), left him in poopy clothes, and we caught her smoking out on the front porch while all the kids were alone in the house. 

There are good daycares out there.  It's a matter of taking the time to find them, and going with your gut.  We're coming up on 4 years with our current daycare later this month.  They're great ladies and we'll all miss them when lil' man starts kindergarten.

nonmember avatar Rose

The center near my house accidentally left an 18 month old outside after the group went in. She fell asleep in the slide and it took them 45 minutes to notice. Luckily nothing happened to her, but there was no punishment for the care giver in charge.

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