Toddler's Hilarious Mispronunciation of 'Dump Truck' Could Get His Mouth Washed Out With Soap (VIDEO)


nolan says dump truckCan I ever get enough of the videos with toddlers mispronouncing words to sound like they're cussing? No! I cannot! Here's a video of a little boy saying "dump truck" over and over again. Guess what it sounds like he's really saying? I'll give you a hint: It rhymes with "crumb luck." And thanks to the wonders of technology, this golden moment of innocent childhood has been preserved for all of us to enjoy.

So here you go. Because it's Friday and you could use a good laugh. And because this is not your child. But you've probably heard something similar come out of your own kid's mouth at some point -- accidentally, of course.

You tell 'em Nolan! I just love how eager he is to say "dump truck" repeatedly, to the delight of his parents. Poor guy has no idea how hilarious he is. Is it fair to make children the unwitting butt of your jokes? Um, yeah. That is why you have children! Nolan, what's that again? One more time ...

Do your kids do any hilarious mispronunciations?


Image via Aaron Reynolds/YouTube

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SuzyB... SuzyBarno


headi... headingsouth13

oh holy cow that is cute yet wrong

movtin78 movtin78

Nephew did the same thing and it was hilarious.  The windows of my brother's truck were down and he started screaming that at the truck next to them.  His parents also received a phone call from his school due to his "profanity".   lol!

Natasha Smith

u can clearly hear fuck hes not pronouncing it wrong he ant even saying truck

Stephie Lynne

To Natasha, he is saying fruck, my son did the same thing. 

Pearl Sturgill

as yes it is a accident but mr daddy there should atleast start helping him to say it right.
my daughter used to call Food City Food Shitty. So we worked and worked and she fixed it
I have to say it is funny though 

marin... marinewife12

He is saying Fruck Natasha -_-

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