My 4-Year-old Daughter Still Sleeps in a Crib

girl in cribMy daughter turned 4 in January, and she's still sleeping in her crib. Before you ask (like everyone does when I mention this fact), no it's not one of those with a removable side, or one that converts into a toddler bed. It's a regular old, four-sided crib that she's slept in since the day she was born.

Why? Well, there's no real reason I suppose, just as there's been no real reason not to keep her in there. We have a "big girl" bed for her upstairs, and while it's taking me awhile to decorate her new room, she doesn't really have to wait for the curtains, artwork, and other decorative pieces to which I can't seem to commit. It's just been my most recent excuse as to why she's still in her crib.

For awhile it was about containment. She's a bit of a mischievous child, and when she was younger, there was no way I was going to attempt to fight the battle of keeping her in a bed. I can't even imagine the things she might have gotten into in the middle of the night. Now that she's older though, she climbs in and out of the crib on her own, so that reason has pretty much gone by the wayside as well.

Honestly, there just aren't any strong arguments as to why she shouldn't be in a crib, other than people think it's crazy that she's been in there so long.  It's big enough for her (though it's getting tight), and she loves it. When I mention her big girl bed she gets excited about it for a bit, then her eyes tear up. "I'll miss my crib," she says.

So will I.

She's my youngest child, and I'm not really in a huge hurry to have her grow up too quickly.  And for us, this is it; we'll never need a crib again. I'm not purposefully trying to keep her a baby, but she's so mature in so many ways, I'm not in a rush to push her into the "big girl" world when she's not rushing there at warp speed herself. 

At least we ditched the pacifier -- baby steps.


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nonmember avatar Gretta

It's fine. She's 4, not 14.

Coles... Coles_mom

My daughter is almost 5 and we JUST had this battle! I had a baby 8 months ago and I told her she'd have to start sleeping in her big girl bed and she didn't want to. I think it was a control issue at that point. I didn't for e her to give up get "bed" for the new baby right away since we had a bassinet. About 2 months ago, my mom stayed with us a few weeks and my daughter slept in bed with grandma (which is her big girl bed) and she acclimated and now wouldn't sleep in her crib. Hallelujah for Grandmas!!

Coles... Coles_mom

^^^ my daughter is almost 4...not 5.

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

Um, I wouldn't do that for my kid. I think that you want to hold on to her crib. She knows that you will be sad because she is growing up so she acts like she will be sad to lose her crib too. We are supposed to encourage our children to grow and evolve as they get older. I think that moving to a big girl/boy bed is such a prideful moment in any toddlers life. She's like almost in kindergarten. You know how many friends are gonna laugh at her when she tells them "I still sleep in my crib". I hope you dont do this to her her entire life! I can just imagine you wanting to keep her home instead of encouraging her to go to collage. Lol! Better save money for therapy!

amazz... amazzonia

Toddler beds are an American invention, in Europe they go from crib to bed, usually the transaction is at 5 

nonmember avatar AYF

I wouldn't care where my kid slept so long as she was safe and didnt wake me up. I say let her sleep in a hammock for all you care! :)

shyly... shylynn22

You enable her unhealthy habits? It's not healthy emotionally that she is so attached to it. And you are enabling yourself, which needs to stop. Don't hold tor daughter back because you don't want to watch her move forward.

shyly... shylynn22

My 3 (almost 4) yo has her own bed, since she was like 2.

Danielle Jauw

You should be doing what is best for her. Not easiest strategically and emotionally for you.

BPayne09 BPayne09

So you encourage her to sleep in a crib because you can't handle that she's not a baby anymore?

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