Tragedy of the Week: Toddler Wants a Real Live Unicorn But Can't Have One (VIDEO)

real live unicornLife is cruel. Life is so unfair. There's war. Children go hungry. And you cannot get a REAL, LIVE UNICORN no matter how much you want one. You just can't. Here's a video of an inconsolable toddler trying to grasp with this grave injustice.

Her mama seems to think she's just tired. NO! She insists, "I just want a real live unicorn, wahahahaaaaaaaa!" My favorite part is when her mom tells her unicorns are really hard to find. For a moment the girl stops crying and asks, "They are?" Like this is news to her. Watch her eyes as all the magic suddenly drains out of her world. But nope! Not going there. She still really, really wants a real live unicorn.

Here's the thing about unicorns, and why we want one. (Admit it! You want one, too!) They will give you anything you want. ANYTHING. You just ask, and they have to give it to you. So having a real, live unicorn is like having everything you could ever want.

But you can't have a unicorn and neither can I. Because magic isn't real. Aw crap. Now I feel like crying, too.

Okay, seriously though? This girl is just tired. Don't tell her I said so because they always deny it, but that's what this is really all about. And if mom had a real, live unicorn, she'd probably be asking the unicorn to make her kid fall asleep right now.

Do your kids still believe in magical creatures?


Image via Tsquiggs123/YouTube

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jaxmadre jaxmadre

Aww I want one too! LOL

Ally Swarrow

Why are parents so afraid to tell their children that such things do not exist?

Paper... PaperClip811

My son did something similar one night before bed because he was "never going to get to be a real life super hero with powers" *smh*

Christina Andi

heck i think unicorns do exist and i am not a kid at all

nonmember avatar Mo

My kids are ages 5 and 7 1/2. So, naturally, they believe in magical creatures. Once they're older, I think what I'll do is explain to them how folklore can be based on some facts but over the years the stories change and become exaggerated truths.

nonmember avatar knoxy

Hey kid. Unicorns are a-holes. The quicker you learn this, the less you will cry.

foeve... foeverandalways

i want a unicorn to but if im not so sure after seeing the end of cabin in the wood not all of them are firiedly

Tink Zomby

this cracked me up

Jennifer Clay

I had this EXACT conversation with my daughter!

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