Heroic Stranger Saves 2-Year-Old Girl's Life in Busy Supermarket (VIDEO)

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man saves toddlerThe following video is pretty difficult to watch because it so dramatically captures the fear of a mother and father when their 2-year-old daughter suddenly fell unconscious and stopped breathing during a random trip to the grocery store. Fortunately, there was a happy ending, but before that, it's the stuff of parental nightmares. 

According to Nine News, Amy Collard was shopping last Sunday at a local grocery store in Perth, Australia. When her daughter, Shaylar, went limp, she panicked and frantically started asking people around her for help. At one point in the footage (captured by the store's security camera), you see her run outside to get her husband. Nothing, including the Heimlich Maneuver, works, and it appears they're losing her.

That's when Rowan O'Neill, a fellow shopper, sprang into action. He laid the girl down on the checkout counter and started doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Amazingly, it worked. Take a look.

Incredible, right? I think as parents we can all imagine just how helpless and terrified these parents must have felt, and then the immense sense of relief and joy when they saw her breath again.

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O'Neill didn't have to step in help; many would be scared to do so. He's truly a hero, and a great example of why we should all learn CPR. Seeing Shaylar's parents hug him is just incredibly powerful. If not for him, their daughter may have died, and there's simply no adequate way to express gratitude for a gift like that.

As for why the girl passed out, doctors believe it was due to a high fever. After spending the night in the hospital, she was sent home, and is doing well now. Thank goodness for heroes.

Have you ever had to rely on a stranger to help your child?


Image via Nine News

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insei... inseineangel

Why did the cashier just stand there, arms crossed? It really didn't look like any of the employees attempted to, or called for, help. Thank goodness for amazing people who are willing to step up. That man IS a hero. I'm so glad that little girl is alright.

abra819 abra819

the video is unavailable so.....

darli... darlingmeggy

She took her to the store with a fever? That's rude.

kelti... kelticmom

Darlingmeggy, if she had kept her home, she may not still be alive. Obviously the parents didn't know CPR. So it was lucky for them that they were somewhere public when she collapsed.

nonmember avatar Myriam

If you are not trained in CPR, the Americain Heart Association recommends that you attempt "hands-only CPR" without mouth-to-mouth : http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/CPRAndECC/HandsOnlyCPR/Hands-Only-CPR_UCM_440559_SubHomePage.jsp. Don't be scared by lawsuits, you are protected by good-samaritan laws...

jalaz77 jalaz77

Glad she is doing well. Glad someone helped.

nonmember avatar Lilac

Well I hope the hero is getting treated since the little girl was contagious with a high fever. What horrible parents, who doesn't know there child has a fever? A dangerously high on at that. I hope CPS gets involved, her parents don't seem to know the first thing about raising a child.

jessi... jessicasmom1

Gosh I am glad someone helped her .. I believe we all should know CPR if at all possiable

nonmember avatar Molly R

Lilac, when my daughter was this age she would spike a sudden fever & rocket to 104' in about 2 minutes. Quit being so judge mental.

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