Screaming Flower Girl Makes Any Bridezilla Look Tame (VIDEO)

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screaming flower girlWhen it comes to involving toddlers in wedding ceremonies it can be dicey. Sure, they're all adorable in their mini tuxedos and sweet little dresses, but they're also about as predictable as ... well, toddlers.

Take the little flower girl in this video that's recently gone viral. I bet she was all sorts of excited leading up to the big event, getting her fancy dress and having her hair all done. However, when it came time for her to walk down the aisle, she didn't walk so much as run ... screaming all the way. Check her out.

I love the ring bearer's reaction when he buries his head in his pillow for her. So cute. At least there was another one to finish up the job. Hopefully the bride and groom had a sense of humor about the whole thing, because it was pretty cute.

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My 4-year-old daughter is going to be a flower girl for the first time in May, and I'm nervous. I think she's up for the job, but I'm a little worried about execution when it's actually time for the big event. I guess we won't really know until then.

Do you think involving kids in weddings is a good idea or too risky?

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nonmember avatar Debbie

Why is the slob in the front wearing a long sleeved tshirt to a church wedding for crying out loud? Call me old fashioned, but at the very least, wear a shirt with buttons. I am surprised he didn't just wear his pajamas, as so many people seem to be happy to wear those out in public too. Sheesh.

nonmember avatar Emily

I'm getting married in 4 weeks (eeeeee!!!), and I have both a ring bearer and a flower girl. However, they are 6 and7 years old (kindergarten and first grade), and will be totally fine with it! I really think the job should be for mature 3 year-olds on up, toddlers are just too unpredictable!


I know I should feel bad for the baby running and screaming down the aisle--but that was just too precious.  OMG!!  I would have just died if that was my little one--just die---that was just too cute.  I hope the bride & groom considered it hilarious.  Other than a beautiful union between two people, they will always have the saying, "Remember when __ ran down the aisle screaming and crying?"  ***chuckle, chuckle***

Jluvl... Jluvly613

Lmao @ Debbie I was thinking the exact same thing!

bella... bellacazzate

It's only too risky if the couple is anal about aesthetics and simulating perfection. Otherwise, this is the stuff legends are made from. 

nonmember avatar karen

Poor little girl- I'd scream too. The organ sounded like a horror movie! But the best part is the little boy- love the way he kicks up his feet. He is just too precious!

Cree Henson

i think its cute. I think a screaming child breaks the awkwardness when i have to walk down the aisle lol


Linda Provenzano Gonzalez

Unless the parents will put up w/anything and the bride and groom are not picky than go for it. My daughter was a flower girl twice by the time she was 4. She did great. Hard for the parents for the actual wedding.

Teal Chastain Blacksten

Maybe I'm a grinch, but this exactly why I didn't have a flower girl or ring bearer at my wedding. The focus should be on the bride & groom, not on some anklebiter throwing a hissy fit.

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