Mom Forgets Toddler on the Bus & We Hope She Can Laugh About It Someday

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busA mom with two kids was traveling on the bus. When she reached her stop, she grabbed her bags and one of the kids and... OOPS! She left her other child, a toddler, alone on the bus. No one noticed until the bus took off. Needless to say, the little guy became "distraught" when he realized he was alone. 

But it all turned out all right! A social worker happened to be on the bus. She took the boy and they got off at the next stop, and walked back to the previous stop. There was his mom, who had realized too late that she'd forgotten something very important on the bus. And I really can't judge her because I can totally see myself doing the same thing.

If you live in a city where you depend a lot on public transportation, this is a parent's worst nightmare. (Or anyway, one of them.) You're never just riding with only your child and nothing else -- you've always got a bunch of shopping bags, school bags, your hand bag, mittens, hats, gloves, you name it. Fortunately, I've only left behind mittens and hats, not my son. But then, I only have one so it's easier for me. I can't imagine juggling all of that with two kids.

Once when some friends of ours were visiting from California we all got on a subway train together. And then, when we reached our stop, we all got off -- except for one of their daughters! We were all reunited eventually, but it was terrifying. Every city kid learns from their parents what to do if they get separated on public transportation. But it's kind of hard to teach your kid what to do when he's only a toddler.

Anyone can make this mistake. English Prime Minister David Cameron left his eight-year-old daughter behind at a pub a few months ago. But thank goodness for other caring adults who step in and help us out when we make mistakes!

Have you ever lost track of your child in a public place?


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abra819 abra819

Poor mom, the guilt she must ne feeling :(

zombi... zombiemommy916

When I was four, we were all riding the metro in DC...we went to get off and my mom was so distracted with my infant brother that she didn't notice I had lagged behind and the doors closed..with me still on the train...needless to say, she went into hysterics while I screamed with my little face pressed up against the it's funny now...the metro police rescued me and held me til the family caught up...

jessi... jessicasmom1

no never I only have 1 kid

twili... twilightsbella

Umm no i have 3kids and i never forget any of them.

Jenny Ford

No, I can't see myself EVER forgetting one of my children, even on an "off" day. Its called responsibility and your children are your responsibility. I can see her forgetting her belongings, BUT not one of her children.

nonmember avatar Melissa

I can understand how this can happen. Nobody is perfect, and I highly doubt she would ever do this intentionally. I have two boys, but with one having ADHD and one autistic, I kept a grip on them at all times.

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

ooH Jenny Ford you seem like the MOST PERFECT parent out there!! ugh please- When my son was first born the hubby was soo use to it being just the two of us that half the time he would lock up the car (2-door) without reaching in the back and grabbing the carrier- that happened for about the first 4-5 months it was cute to see him get use to having a baby around- and once we accidentally left my lil brother at the beach we all made it home and realized he was in neither car - my mom rushed back to the beach to find him sitting down eating pizza lol I had NEVER seen my mom so freaked out before lol

codett codett

u dont have to be a perfect mom to not forget your husband and i were just us for ten years and its never been an issue of forgeting our baby.if u have so much going on that you forget something as important as ur child u have too much going on.


I remember when me and my sister were little, probably 6 & 7-respectively, and we were on our weekend trip to grandma's house in the country.  We all stopped at the routine rest stop.  My sister and I went to the restroom, as usual, and when we came out the car was gone.  I am not sure how long it was--but my sister and I calmly sat on the curve and waited--no tears--no nothing.  When the car pulled into the parking lot, with ample speed--mind you, the grown-ups were hysterical with tears and all--especially our mom.  At a tender age of 6, I thought it was funny--and still do.  They each thought the other had a handle on the "kids".  At 40+, when I travel up the same highway and see that same rest stop, I smile. 

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