Mom Calls 911 Because She Wants Police to 'Scare' Her Toddlers (VIDEO)

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911 callEvery mom has the occasional bad day, right? Especially a mom with two toddlers running around the house. It's a tough gig, no doubt. That said, I can't imagine what level of havoc a 1-year-old and 3-year-old could possibly wreak that would be terrible enough to make their mom call 911. Requesting a police officer to come, and I quote, "Scare the sh*t out of my kids." That's exactly what 27-year-old Melissa Townsend of Florida did this week, however, explaining to the (presumably horrified and/or bewildered) dispatcher that police intervention was required because her children were "not listening to me and they need to learn respect. They need to learn that lesson."

Oh, dear. Of course the authorities did indeed pay a visit to Townsend's home, and it's probably a good thing they did ...

Because instead of outrageously unruly tots, what police officers found was a drunk and disorderly mom. Who "kicked an officer in the groin multiple times" when they tried to arrest her. Townsend was booked on various charges including child neglect and battery on a law enforcement officer; her kids are reportedly staying with relatives.

Okay. So, obviously what this mom did was incredibly messed up and scary and makes one worry for the safety and future of those two kids. But didn't anyone around her see this kind of episode coming? Clearly Townsend is unstable and most likely has been for some time -- you don't just go from being completely sane and centered to calling the cops on your toddlers overnight. I'm not trying to make excuses for the woman, but I'm willing to bet she could use a little more support in life. Fine, a lot more.

From the sound of her voice in this video, she does not sound anywhere close to okay:

Hopefully some good will come of this incident -- hopefully, Townsend will get help. Whatever happens, I just hope her kids stay safe.

Can you imagine calling 911 on your toddlers?

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Jessica Schmidt

I have called the police on my 6 year old child once because his dad caught him stealing gum from the store. This was my son's second attempt at stealing, even after we told him how wrong it was and what could happen if he continued. The officer did not come out to "scare the S***" out of him, just to explain to him that he could not do that. The officer was calm and not scary in any way. He just had a nice long talk with him to avoid this type of situation again. And it worked, my son has not attempted to steal anything since. I dont think it's wrong to call the police to help your children understand the laws and understand when they are doing something wrong, especially when they haven't listened to you about it. I don't agree with calling the police to "scare the s***" out of them or to teach them respect.

Rachel Abraham

I thought this article was going to be about teenagers and a sober mother.  I was thinking 'good for her."  How is a police officer going to scare the s*** out of a one and three year old?  Perhaps she could control her kids if she took care of them sober.  I agree with Jessica though.  It isn't wrong to call the police to control your kids when they do something illegal or became out of control.  It drives me nuts when people will do nothing about it when their children steel and ecs.  My friends kids stole her credit card and spent a grand.  She lost her apartment cause that was her rent money.  The bank said they would cover it if she filed a police report.  She didn't because she wanted to protect them. They ended up doing it again.

Carys... Caryss_mommy

No one should be teaching their children to fear police officers in the first place. The police don't get enough cooperation when they really need it as it is.  Shame on her...

Emily Alane Stromberg Baker

GlowWorm889, you understand she was drunk? I don't. Someone with toddlers doesn't have any right to be drunk. She's a parent. She needs to grow up and take responsibility and stop trying to be Suzie High School. Ain't nobody got time for that, least of all the two innocent children who are dependent on her to provide for them.

grann... grannynannyiam

Worked law enforcement for many years, that just pisses me off with that type of action.  One day stopped to see my daughter who was living in an apartment with my 5yoa granddaughter.  She mentioned that Bree had been a lil monster that morning, refusing to get dressed to get ready for the school bus.  Running around tormenting her mom with the lack of clothes.  Daughter told Bree "if you don't get dressed for the bus I will call the police on you and they will take you to jail"  Well Bree turned around and told mom, good then granny will feed me ice cream bars.  Talk about slack jawed mother!  They used to visit me when I worked at one jail, the sheriff would come back handing her an ice cream bar.  End of using that tactic on the kid.  When people would be in public or come to the station to threaten the kids w/cops I would tell them to stop that.  What if a real emergency or situation came up where they needed officers and the kids were to scared and fearful to call the police or 911, be heckva backfire on the parents.

codett codett

Its sad that so many out there have children that they neglect and abuse whether that abuse is physical or emotional or mental.u should never threaten something u have no intention of doing btw.for example when my husband was young his father would threaten to spank him with a belt then after my husbands anxiety level is raised hes like o im just kidding haha.w..t......h!one of many reasons i have no respect for my fatherinlaw.but i digress.all one can do is pray for these innocent children and the many others like them out there.

Hime_... Hime_Tanuki

I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and so I can only say this mom was wrong for calling the police. Even if it was due to drunkenness still. As a mom of children teh same age I can say no amount of police effort can make a kid understand to respect adults. They are just too young. All you can do is properly correct their behavior, punish as needed and make them understand that what they did was wrong. 
Calling the police won't do anything. 

GlowW... GlowWorm889

@ Emily - I meant the mixed signal was the result of being drunk. I didn't mean to imply it was okay to be drunk while parenting your toddlers! Whoops!

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