Toddler Does Bong Hits With Mom (VIDEO)

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toddler smokes potAnother Bad Parenting video is going viral, and this one's a shocker. The video shows a mom letting her toddler smoke pot from a bong. I'll let that one sink in. A woman put an active bong in her 22-month-old son's face, and she let someone take a video of her doing it. At the risk of stating the obvious, this mama must have been high.

Twenty-four-year-old Rachelle Braaten was arrested for "delivery of a controlled substance to a minor" -- and for the manufacture of marijuana. When cops came to investigate, they found 40 marijuana plants in the home. So. What does Rachelle have to say for herself? When you hear her explanation for the video, you may lose all hope in the human race.

Rachelle told police, "Well, it was like, you can't see in the camera, but the person taking it, and then there was like a group of people there. And I guess it was a joke and stupid mistake that wasn't really funny." OMG, that doesn't even make sense!! I don't know what she's saying. I don't think SHE knows what she's saying. Why is this woman responsible for a child?

I know smoking pot is legal in Washington, and everyone's still figuring out the rules. I know plenty of parents who toke responsibly. (In moderation, far away from the kids, when someone else is watching them.) And I even think you could run a pot growing business and have kids if you're very careful AND if it's legal where you live. But not this couple. These two have no business raising weed or children.

At least Rachelle kinda sorta admits letting her son smoke was a bad idea. She says she felt "horrible" about the video "because he's two and he shouldn't have known about that. He shouldn't have that in his body." Well she's right about that -- he shouldn't even know the stuff exists at his age. But did you notice how easy and casual he was, leaning in? I get the feeling he's done this before and this was just the first time she got caught. What a relief the toddler and his 5-year-old brother are in child protective services.

Do you think any parents should just stop smoking pot once they have kids?


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Megan Lee

I don't think the issue is the parents smoking... People still drink after they have kids, and when you're drunk you are waay more inhebriated than when you're stoned. 

But seriously, WTF ... I wouldn't let my kid do a shot of vodka, let alone SMOKE A BONG.. Those things are SO bad for your lungs and so dirty.

2cent... 2centsCDN

I'm all for responsible toking but this is far from it. I couldn't even bring myself to watch the video. Thank God those kids were taken away.

ilove... ilovemydarius

As long as they are not exposing it to their children and can afford too then they can do what they want its not my business

problip problip

a friend of mine was telling me that she was at a park last saturday and she said she saw this couple getarrested for smoking pot. how it started was people would just pass these people giving them looks and sneers nobody did anything about it till the woman blew smoke in somebodys kids face. now that was their first mistake. their second was the park sits right beside a police station. my friend stood there watching the cops tryhing to catch these stoners and started chatting with other parents that said people like them is ruining it for everyone, meaning they smoke weed but they do it responsibly. as all this is happening my friend said it took them ten minutes to catch up with these people but if anyone would have pulled out a cigarette and smoke it a cop would have somehow been right on top of them. if this kind of behavior keeps happening, the park is going to be no fun for anyone because cops will be monitoring it.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

I do not think you need to stop smoking marijuana once you have children - my husband and I are recreational tokers, but we're not complete f'n idiots like these people.  I would never expose my daughter to marijuana, just like I wouldn't give her some booze or a cigarette - these things are for adults to enjoy recreationally & responsibly.

nonmember avatar Vanessa

This shows any idiot can spawn offspring but it's a privilege, honor and duty to be a parent. Why is there screening and background check to adopt a pet yet any person with a healthy uterus can produce and take care a child? It's a collective insanity when a society has its priorities backwards.

nonmember avatar Common.Sense

So, once more with feeling, ladies and gentlemen: DRUGS ARE BAD. DRUGS AROUND KIDS ARE WORSE. You can be a moronic pothead OR be a parent, but you can't be both!!

Miriam Valle De Hernandez

What a terrible mother, what was the thinking, no wait she wasn't , what is her excuse pot is legal in Washington? found more pics and bio here

Mom11... Mom1127-0125

Some people should NOT have kids.

imasu... imasurvivor

!!!!???  WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE  ????!!!!

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