New Toddler Cell Phone


In case you're still struggling with what to get your 3-year-old for the holidays, what about a new cell phone?

A mobile phone for toddlers is being launched in Asia. Here's a picture at right. The big-buttoned phone allows parents to program in the numbers of up to 200 friends, and those of mom and dad, before handing the cute device over to the tyke.

Forget the fact that toddlers are basically incapable of phone conversations or the need to make them -- but what do you think about starting kids on the cell phone habit so early in life?


Would you buy your toddler a cell phone?

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badpe... badpenny74

Waste of money!!!

Andre... AndreaNYC129

There is no need to get a toddler a cell phone, especially because they are ALWAYS with you.  Definitely a waste of money.

punkr... punkrockermama

a waste and what toddler even knows 200 people?

dstei... dsteiner23

I probably wouldn't get this for my toddler, but she does already know how to use mine!  She knows how to use the speed dial and which numbers are assigned to her dad, her sister, the house phone, and grandma.  If I don't keep an eye on her, she'll call them and have a little conversation without me even helping her!  And ladies, she's only 2 (28 months) so I don't actually think this is so far-fetched.

degsyuna degsyuna


poohb... poohboo75

dido (dsteiner23) i have a hard enough time keeping them from making calls on my cell and home phone..And I agree what dose a toddler need with a cell phone anyways

ceall... ceallaigh

I can't believe that so far 9 people have voted "Yes!"  Do these people have way too much money to waste or what??

vgmom... vgmomof2grtkds

My 7-year old doesn't even have a cell phone, so I don't think we'll be getting one for our 19-month old!

drown... drowninginboys

No no no no!!! Any child that doesn't go anywhere unsupervised has absolutely no need for a cell phone!! Ok, I take that back.... in cases where the parents have joint custody and there is an issue of one parent not allowing the child to call the other, its ok. In our house the rule is 6th grade or when they turn 12, whichever comes first. A toddler with a cell phone is absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!

krist... krista8111

I think I would get this for our 6 & 7 yo but younger than that is ridiculous.

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