‘Sesame Street’ Celebrates a Billion Views on YouTube With Its Craziest Song Yet (VIDEO)

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the countManah manah! Who loves Sesame Street videos? Little kids do -- and so do their parents. We can't help ourselves. They're brilliant! So it's no surprise that Sesame Street's YouTube channel recently reached a billion views. ONE BILLION! That's astonishing. This makes them the first nonprofit organization and the first U.S. children's company to reach one billion views.

To celebrate they brought out The Count -- of course -- to sing a special song counting all the "yous" in YouTube. He also wrote a special blog post about his favorite number, zero. Yes, zero. Oh Count, you are full of surprises. Ah-ah-ah! Guess who the most important "you" in YouTube is? You'll have to watch the video to see.

One billion is huge for any channel on YouTube, but I'm so happy the number has happened to Sesame Street. Those videos are all so clever, the way they entertain (and educate) both our little kids and us parents. And as someone who grew up on Sesame Street -- I mean, who didn't? -- I love that I can see their clever videos online any time. Even the classics. You guys, C IS FOR COOKIE! That's good enough for me.

Aw crap, the only bad thing about this YouTube counting song is now I have that Sesame Street channel on and I can see the rest of my day slipping away, watching video after video. Don't Know Why Y Didn't Come. Lullabies With Ricky Gervais. Feist singing 1, 2, 3, 4. Upside Downton Abbey. Ugh, see what I mean!?! And I'm not even watching with a child!

What's your favorite Sesame Street video?


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nonmember avatar Susan

Our favorite is the Elmo song with Adam Sandler. He has to rhyme things with Elmo so he changes the words a bit to rhyme like smellmo, and lapelmo....very funny.

jessi... jessicasmom1

 Very funny  I like the rhyming 

allie... alliesmom112

we love anything with Elmo in it

mlg1989 mlg1989

aw that is cute!

Halfa... Halfadozmom

The censored count, singing how he likes to BLEEP he BLEEPS the bats, he BLEEPS the candles on the shelf, and when he's all alone, he BLEEPS himself. Funny how when they unnecessarily bleep the word count, your brain swaps in a bad word for the bleeps!

godde... goddess99

Cute, we haven't watched Sesame Street in a while.

sukainah sukainah

I don't really have a favorite but that is neat they got that many views!  We are watching Sesame Street now LOL

elasmimi elasmimi

this is the first one I have ever watched, but it won't be the last.

Miche... MichelleK41

How cute, hehehe. We have not watched Sesame Street in a couple years, kids grow. =)

arpazia arpazia

I don't have one! 

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