Family Finds Knife in 2-Year-Old's Store-Bought Birthday Cake & Majorly Overreacts

knife in cakeIt was little Cayden Bibeau's 2nd birthday party. His family and friends were gathered to celebrate, and after he blew out the candles on his Elmo birthday cake, everyone was ready to dig into the sugary goodness. Only when they went to cut into it, what they found baked inside of the cake was anything but sweet -- a knife.

It appears that somewhere in the production of the cake, which came from a Walmart in Lewiston, Maine, a paring knife was left behind in it. What a big, huge bummer. Of course, no one wanted to eat the cake after that, but what the parents did next was ridiculous.

They canceled the whole darn party right then and there. Cayden's father told WGME he was so "disappointed and upset" they may even sue the super store because that knife "put a dampener" on everything.

Even more dramatically, he added, "We're not going to get that second birthday back ever."

Seriously, dude? I can imagine it was disappointing, and hey, I like cake too. But to have your son's birthday party ruined by such a little thing is ridiculous. Mistakes happen. He could have run out to the store and been back with a new one, and even if it wasn't Elmo, everyone would have been just as happy with anything coated in buttercream. It's not like it was a dead rat or something else incredibly disgusting in there -- it was a knife. I suppose someone could have gotten hurt, but it would have had to be a gigantic bite of cake for someone not to notice a knife in there.

It's unfortunate, but ... get over it. Parenting is filled with so many huge ups and downs, mistakes and missteps, that if you allow something like this to completely ruin a special day, you're in for a long and hard journey. Walmart apologized and offered to give them a refund and says they've made changes in their cake production process, which should be enough. Unfortunately, for some people, nothing ever is.

Do you think this family is overreacting? What would you do if this happened to you?


Image via WGME-TV

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Katy Khan

Wow that is totally crazy. I'd just go back to Walmart and get a different cake haha. Actually, no...because i make my owns cakes for birthdays so this wouldn't happen to me. I cannot believe they want to sue. I don't think they CAN sue.

coco.... coco.oakes

 "It's not like it was a dead rat or something else incredibly disgusting in there -- it was a knife"

^^^^do you know nothing about food safe?! That is incredibly disgusting, who knows where that knife came from. And if whoever left it behind was that negligent, imagine what other precautions they didn't take in the kitchen! Your writing style and lack of knowledge is terrible.

amber... amberdotsmom

I have to agree with Coco that the knife could have been just as unsanitary as anything else they might have found in there and there's no way to know what it was used for before it got in the cake so I'd give them a pass on the disgust factor.

The rest?  Huge overreaction.  Cancelling the whole party was just dumb.  Go back to the store, give them a piece of your mind, demand a refund plus a new cake free and party on.  If it makes you feel better also tell them you want to know what they did to keep this from happening in the future.  Really if nobody bit into it and was injured what damage was really done to the party?  Ten years from now it'll be nothing more than that "remember the time when..." story you tell.

nonmember avatar adrien

If the knife was baked in the cake chances are it was sanitary. It was most likely used within the bakery for cutting food. We are not talking a prison shive here. Canceling the whole party was stupid! Roll with the punches, grab a new cake, take it up with store management some other time. Walmart has people working for them, people make mistakes. This family just wants a pay day.

LostS... LostSoul88

Its a fucking knife! What if a child grabbed at it? They could get a serious cut! Now canceling the whole aprty was a bit much but i would sue the fuck out of walmart. You dont know what that knife was used for. That would be the last time I ever shopped at walmart. That is such a careless act.  I bet the super store didnt even apoligize and just shrugged their shoulders and pretty much said "oops shit happens"

abra819 abra819

I love getting on here and watching you women go ape sh*t on a subject.

cmjaz cmjaz

Cancelling the poor baby's party? Why? What drama queens the parents are. I would sue over the knife though

Doomy234 Doomy234

I think its definitely an overreaction. I understand that its upsetting, but mistakes happen. I dont think I would sue. I would take the cake back and hopefully get a discount on a new one. Cancelling the whole party was kind of silly. A two year old wouldnt even remember the incident, just get another cake and take up the problem after the party.

nonmember avatar NoWay

Umm .. the cake should not be withing a child's reach while being cut, so I child should not be able to "grab at" the knife any more than they would "grab at" the knife being used to cut the cake. I would be pissed, but I would not cancel the party. How disappointing for everyone there. Ridiculous overreaction!

nonmember avatar April

Suing is a MAJOR over-reaction. Geesh. In my house, we would have had a moment of astonishment, called the store, complained, asked for a refund and partied on. If someone was seriously injured, I could see suing, but suing just because it was there? nope. Just shows a sign of the times we live in now. Have to money grab at the slightest opportunity. We would have laughed about it for years, talking about the kid was trying to make a break out of his crib or something. Not everything is a sue worthy event

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