Toddler Falls Out of 3rd Story Window & Lands on His Feet (VIDEO)

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toddler fallsThis story could have had a horrible ending. A toddler fell from a third-story window -- and survived! Not only did he survive, he landed on his feet and hardly suffered a scratch. Man, are kids resilient or what?

Mom Jessica Hayes was steam cleaning her carpets when she moved a sofa next to a window. Her son, Dylan, hopped onto that sofa and started talking out the window to a neighbor outside. Apparently he was leaning on the screen and it tore. Dylan went somersaulting out the window to the sidewalk below. "I fall ... really really far!" he later told a reporter.

The kid landed like a cat. What are the odds? No, don't tell me. I don't want to think of all the other toddlers who have fallen out of windows and injured themselves -- or worse. Dylan is one very fortunate little boy. He spent 20 hours in the hospital and had a neck brace just as a precaution, but he's fine.

Jessica must not have anticipated the danger when she moved that couch to the window. I'm sure she's promised herself she'll be careful with windows and her kids from now on. She said she spent about two weeks blaming herself before she got over it. I can totally relate to that. But poor Jessica, this is just one of those parenting mistakes that you don't anticipate. I think it's easy to use hindsight and say she should have known better, but parents are busy people with a thousand things on their minds. It's a wonder more accidents don't happen.

I mean, this is the second kid-falling-out-of-window we've come across today. Did you read the one about the mom who smashed through a window to save her falling baby? What's the deal? Why are so many kids falling out of windows?

These stories make me glad that our home insurance requires us to keep child-proof bars on our windows. I live on the third floor of my building, too. And with lots of friendly neighbors, my son has carried on plenty of conversations out our windows. We've had to keep a close eye on him and teach him about safety, but those bars have made me feel more secure. Now that this possible calamity is on all our radar, it's not such a bad idea to install those window bars if you're able.

How do you keep your kids from falling out the window?


Image via CBS News

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femal... femaleMIKE

I am sure kids falling otu of windows isn't anything new. (in response to your "why are so many kids falling out of windows comment).

I live in a ranch with no basement and the windows are at least 5 ft from the floor, so his/her chance of getting hurt is slim (unless he runs away after).

My rental units all have the windows have the (not sure what they are called) little tabs you pull out so that the window doesn't go all the way up.  I also made sure to install chain links on the door.  All other protective measures are up to the parents.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Anyone else notice this girl looks kinda like Jenelle Evans? And the baby looks like Jace!

sylph... sylph_ironlight

^ I thought it was Jenelle Evans too when I saw the picture

Sept-... Sept-babies2

I so thought of jenelle too. Glad he is okay.

Jenny Lee Green

OMG I also thought she was Jenelle Evans!

YoliM... YoliMarkschick

I am surprised he didn't fracture and foot or leg bones on impact.

nonmember avatar Regina

Bars are dangerous if there's a fire!

nonmember avatar Desiree

Wow. What a blessing to not be harmed. This story brings to mind Eric Clapton's son, to which the song Tears in Heaven is Dedicated. They had a large window open because they were cleaning and he was running around the room, and... fell right out. :-( 20 stories.

AngryBob AngryBob

I fell out of a two story window when I was about a year and a half. I have a tumor in my right knee as a result, and chronic joint pain. Hopefully he doesn't suffer any long term effects.

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