Superhero Mom Sees Baby Falling & Smashes Through Window to Catch Him

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windowMost moms perform heroics every day, showing bravery while navigating public restrooms and incredible strength carrying a screaming toddler out of a mall while pushing a stroller and simultaneously feeding a baby. A mom in Spokane, Washington, however, recently performed a feat so amazing I'm pretty sure she deserves a cape.

According to the Associated Press, it started when her 14-month old was bouncing on the bed in a second-story room. Then, horrifyingly, he tripped on a pillow and bounced right out of a half-open window nearby. His mom, who had just gotten out of the shower, walked in right as it happened, and that's when her super powers kicked in.

Without hesitating she dove out after him, smashing through the window. She managed to catch his foot, and they both landed on a small overhang below. Fortunately, grandma was out on the porch taking a smoke break, and when she heard the glass break, she looked up and was able to catch the child before mom fell into the bushes.

Both were taken to the hospital and miraculously only suffered minor injuries. Police say the baby is going to be just fine. Phew. Way to go mom and grandma with the save, but we also can't ignore the fact that it shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Time and again we see stories of children falling from unsecured windows. Sometimes they are okay, but there are plenty of other stories without such happy endings. According to Consumer Safety Experts about 5,000 children a year are injured or killed from accidents involving windows -- that's 14 a day! Parents have got to start taking precautions to stop this. Tips from Safe Kids includes things like installing window guards on upper floors -- screens aren't enough.

So while this mother has a quite an amazing story to tell, and we're glad the baby is okay, it should also serve as a warning to other parents who will hopefully read it and take action. Because as parents we can't always rely on our super powers to save our kids.

Are the windows in your house secured?


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popta... poptart0325

Our windows are right at the ground so if my daughter was to fall out she wouldn't get hurt. We have a single story house and even though our windows aren't high, I still want to get window guards.

Carol McCarley Snuffer

I'm sure it was a mistake but moms are judged so harshly no matter what they do. If it were a dad who left it open they'd just say 'oh he's just a dad' but they will villify a mother for a mistake. The baby is fine, mom is fine, everyone is fine, so let's stop the tongue lashing. Lesson learned. She's not a bad mother just careless.

LostS... LostSoul88

Our windows arent high ogg the ground so my children wouldnt get urt but I would also make sure my kids know to stay away from the windows and not jump on the bed. 

lobus lobus

Wow. Really? This story must be bogus. Or the mom is incompetent. I dont even take a shower with my 2 year old running around. 14 month old jumping on the bed by an open window while moms in the shower?? WTF. That just sounds so crazy to me.

nonmember avatar me

Thought I was clicking on just another sensationalized link but even though I don't have children I am so thankful that you wrote such a succinct and informative, potentially preventative story. I am currently in a motel in a room on the second floor and am thinking they should be installing some small guard outside the lower portion of the window as I have seen families with small children here and can imagine now how easy it could be for a tragedy to happen.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Ouch could of ended badly. Our windows are higher and kids have been caught jumping on the bed a few times and this is why I freak when they have been caught jumping.

Lobus-ok?! Here comes the judging.

Michele Elliott Halley

lobus, Grandma was there...also, good luck on stopping any 14 month child from jumping on the bed.  Who on this blog has not done so herself? 

We should all give each other a break.  No one here is a supermom and should not judge others like we are. 

lobus lobus

Yes grandma was there-outside smoking on another floor-not watching baby. Bed aside, 14 month olds still are putting things in their mouths. Does everyone here really mean to tell me you let your new 1 year olds roam around while you shower? Really? Thats negligence and the mom is beyond lucky that the worst didnt happen.

Brandon Christensen

People should not judge others unless they were there and witnessed it first hand. There was 2 adults in the home, not just the mother. If you have kids then you know darn well you can tell your children not to do things until your blue in the face. As soon as your back is turned their going to do it anyway. Children are curious by nature and will explore places they know are taboo to them. This is a 14 month old child, so they are pretty unpredictable and will get through any road block or gates that are set up to stop them.

nonmember avatar MamaStar

Lobus... You must never let your children sleep alone in their own room or anything. The 14month old could have woken from a nap during moms shower. Lay off.

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