Grandma Takes Toddler on a Trip & Refuses to Bring Her Back Home

lost mittenWe're all scratching our heads trying to figure out what happened with Indiana toddler Hazel Richards. Apparently her grandmother, Melanie E. Weaver, took Hazel from her home in Indiana on a trip to Maine. Hazel's mother flew to Maine to retrieve her daughter -- but Melanie went missing with Hazel. And when the mother called to tell Melanie to return her daughter, the granny refused! Hazel's parents declared her "missing" on Wednesday and the police began searching for the fugitive grandma and toddler.

Police finally found the duo outside Boston last night. There's a lot that I just don't understand about this story. It doesn't help that every version I read seems to be a little bit different. But most of all, what kind of grandma would kidnap her own granddaughter? I can't imagine my mom doing this. Can you? Do you trust your kids with your parents?

I don't know if Melanie took Hazel from Indiana to Maine with the parents' permission, or if she just up and grabbed her granddaughter and flew the coop. Most of the sources I've read say the parents aren't pressing charges. But it's surprising that the grandmother would actually refuse to return her grandchild. 

Was Melanie trying to "rescue" her grandchild from what she thought was a harmful environment? Or is she mentally ill? She's only 49, so it's very unlikely she was suffering from dementia.

Anyway, if Hazel's parents did let Melanie take their daughter on a trip out of state, that sounds reasonable enough. I wouldn't have done that with my son, but that's because when he was that young, we hated being separated from each other for very long. It's not because I don't trust my mom or my in-laws. Imagine your mother running off with your child and refusing to bring her back! You would never trust her with your kids ever again. You would probably question your judgment, leaving your child with your mother in the first place. Crazy. Anyway, however Melanie ended up running off with Hazel, I'm glad the little girl was found and is back with her parents.

Would you trust your parents to take your toddler on a cross-country trip?


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paren... parentalrights1

Alot of grandparents think they are entitled to do whatever they want. I'm not surprised and this isn't the first I've heard of something like this.

nonmember avatar Sarah G.

The grandmother had the father's permission to take the child to Maine. In fact, she was with the little girl's father when police picked them up in Stoneham. Grammy did nothing wrong and the police are not pressing any charges. This link has an interview with the little girl's father.

nonmember avatar Samantha

So likely it was a planned thing where the father was trying to take the baby? Thats what it sounds like.

tuffy... tuffymama

And this is why, when my first was born, my ex and I decided our son was not allowed to go anywhere with either grandmother. They were both BSC back then. I hope it was menopause.

nonmember avatar Kassy

My parents did the same. They took my children voluntarily when I had a premature and after a few months of finally getting out of the hospital, they refused to return them. I asked for police help and they refused. I have no mental illnesses, no child protection investigations against me, but when I tried to take them back by force, they got an ex-parte (emergency custody) order, and won. The hearing that I was supposed to be allowed, to give my side of the story, was cancelled (by them), and the police are "supposed to assist in enforcing this order". My children were taken from me by their grandparents. I haven't seen my children in 2 months. I have 2 Bachelor's Degrees, and work from home running my own business, but the judge thought because I was unmarried and my parents are wealthy that I could not care for my children. Do you want to run a story about this? It's a pretty big injustice if you ask me.

Krissy M Allen

My mother didn't even want me, let alone my son...  I haven't seen that woman for almost twenty years...My mother in law on the other hand...I wouldn't be surprised to learn that she's been plotting my demise for years just so she could take my son.

Brandie Barrett

Very strange. My mom and dad took my daughter on vacation for 2 weeks when she was 4 years old. They spent a week at Disney World and then a week with an old friend of theirs in Texas. I for sure trust my parents with my daughter 100%. Sure I missed her and it was hard being away from her for so long but I knew she was safe with my mom and dad....the thought that they might not bring her back never even came close to entering my mind. What a weird story...I am just glad the child is ok and back with her mom.

morea... moreamor5

I wouldn't let my mother / mother-n-law ! Take my child on a trip like this ! Not @ all . I don't trust my mother-n-law 4 various reasons . My mom know things have happen 2 me in life . Where she knows not 2 ask me anything like this :(

Jason Winch

i would let my mom but not my ex mother inlaw mainly due to the nasty custody battle and she is BSC as well

Lacey Pinkstaff-Strange

My Grandmother kidnapped my sister when she was 2 years old. She came back with her several months later. Turns out she was another state over. This was a very long time ago and nothing ever happened to my grandmother. But we obviously have nothing to do with her.... So sadly it does happens.

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