Ashlee Simpson Is Partying Too Hard for a Mom of a 4-Year-Old

ashlee simpsonAshlee Simpson is in trouble. Apparently the 28-year-old, what do we call her, a singer? lip syncer? "actress"?, has been partying pretty hard recently, and her ex-husband and baby daddy Pete Wentz is none too thrilled with the news. Allegedly, he and Ashlee's mom Tina are trying to get the single mom to slow her roll because they're both worried about the effects her drinking and going out will have on 4-year-old Bronx ... which, like, yes, I'd be worried, too.


It's been reported that Ashlee's having a hard time dealing with her parents' divorce, and the rumors that her dad Joe Simpson is gay (if you haven't checked out this brilliant slideshow called "Joe Simpson Gay? I Don't See It," please, by all means, enjoy) aren't easy for her to digest, either.

Add on top of that she's kind of not doing anything, at least that the public's aware of, and the fact that her sister Jessica is making headlines for her second pregnancy, her Weight Watchers deal, and her new TV show, and you can see why Ashlee would want to drown her sorrows in a reported eight to ten bottles of wine a week.

If the young mom really does have a substance abuse problem (back in 2011, it was alleged that Pete and Ashlee divorced due to her drinking problem), it's no laughing matter. I'm sure Bronx understands a lot at his age, more than most people would guess, and has put together that there's a difference between his mom pre and post a couple of glasses of wine.

So if it's true that Ashlee's partying too hard, I hope her family's there for her and helps her get the support she so desperately needs.

And if it's not true, well, keep up the good sober work, Ash. Love your hair. Mean it.

Have you ever confronted a mom with a drinking problem?


Photo via lgepr/Flickr

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