Boy Dances to 'Sexy & I Know It' at Country Concert With Moves You Have to See to Believe (VIDEO)

boy dancing at concertThey say some people were born to perform, and when it comes to the boy in this video, it's pretty clear they're right. He was at a concert featuring country group Rascal Flatts recently when he heard some music that moved him.

It wasn't the twang that got him to bust his moves, but rather LMFAO's song "Sexy and I Know It," which came on during intermission. And bust them he did in the most adorable and entertaining way. To say he stole the show would be an understatement. Watch him after the jump for a guaranteed smile ... and urge to dance.


Talk about stage presence. That kid knows how to work a crowd. He doesn't slow down at all either. In fact, he gets better as the song goes on.

He can't be more than 3 or 4 I'd say, but he has clearly had some practice. I love how a woman (who I assume may be his mom) puts her arm out throughout part of it to catch him in case he falls. Even the biggest stars need people. 

I'd love to know if this passion for entertaining others continues as this boy gets older. I hope so, because he's clearly good at it. In the meantime, Rascal Flatts may want to think about hiring him to go on the road with them.

Would your children ever get up and dance like this in front of a crowd?


Image via YouTube

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