Dad Lets Toddler Drive His Truck -- How Dumb Is That? (VIDEO)

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driving toddlerOh parents, why would anyone do this? A video has surfaced showing a toddler driving a truck. Granted, the toddler is sitting on an adult's lap, and the adult is the one with their foot on the gas (and hopefully also the brakes). But it's a toddler, sitting there, hands on the wheel.

MAYBE if the toddler were driving through the middle of the desert, without even so much as a tumbleweed in the way, this might be all right. But this little guy is driving through a residential neighborhood. Oh yeah, and I guess it goes without saying that the toddler wasn't wearing a seat belt.

I mean, a toddler should be in a toddler-sized car seat in the back, if you want to get technical. But even an adult seat belt over his lap (without the cross belt) would be better than just sitting there, totally unrestrained, in the front seat. The adult with him isn't even holding onto the kid at all!

I just ... who does this?!? Anything could happen! And because they thought it was so darn cute, and took video, and everyone lived, the truck driver probably still think it's perfectly safe and not a big deal at all. Or they thought so until the video went viral and the whole world went, "WTF bad parenting!"

Can we all please agree now that this is a terrible, no good, dangerous thing to do with a toddler? Tell your friends. Tell your family. In case it wasn't obvious! Do NOT listen to the Bad Idea Fairy when she suggests it would be super adorable to see little Billy pretending to drive a truck. We all want little Billy to stay alive and well.

Gah. The toddler truck driving madness starts at 1:27.

What do you think the adults in this video were thinking?


Image via SunriseOn7/YouTube

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amazz... amazzonia

He is sitting on his dads lap! I always used to do that as a Kid! He probably drieved down the road! I really doubt they did a coast to coast! Iomg' relax! Bad things can happen in a car seat too!

kassy129 kassy129

Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill!  Jeez, lighten up!!!  There are soooo many worse things parents should be punished for.  While this isn't necessarily the best idea ever, going 10 mph through the neighborhood on your dad's lap isn't really going to kill anyone. 

marsh... marshsmom

Wow, you are taking this way too seriously.  I let my son do this same thing in our "residential neighborhood" where there is hardly any traffic and a speed limit of 20mph.  We live about one block from a drug store, so my son has "driven" us home more than once.  Everyone is all hung up on "kids today" with their attitudes of "entitlement".  Did anybody stop to think that maybe that "entitlement" idea comes from the fact that they can't do anything at all because the adults are so freaking paranoid.

lovem... lovemyson1224

I did this with my mom as a kid and I let my son do it. Of course I grew up in BFE and I only let my son do it in the country as well. I don't think this dad is Hitler or anything.

sand008 sand008

They should of just kept the video to themselves.

nonmember avatar lt

Did this all the time growing up and do it with my son too! Were in the country tho so I guess that makes a lil difference :/ and its not like we are going 100 mph maybe 15 at the most...if that

nonmember avatar Anna

Seriously, relax. I remember "driving" while sitting on my dad's lap as a kid. We were only allowed to do it once we got into our neighborhood, going maybe 15mph, but it was so awesome, and something I will always remember.

dreamsky dreamsky

They weren't thinking. It's all okay and fun until someone gets hurt. Yes, you might have your situation under control, but what if some other idiot comes barreling down the street and you have your toddler on your lap.

abra819 abra819

I love how all these morons feed into your story Adriana. You know it's not a big, but if YOU act like it is..these digdongs will go batshit, thus making your story popular.

Well done.

Caera Caera

Oh, lighten the fuck up.

Every child should be lucky enough to know what it's like to sit on a parent's lap and get to drive.

Obviously, your kids are missing out. I bet you're the kind of "mom" who makes them miss out on a lot. 

Shame on you.

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