Miracle Food Spray Gets Kids to Eat Veggies, But Would You Use It?

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carrotHey there, moms! Are you sitting down? I sure do hope you're sitting down. Because when you hear about the results of this super high-tech, top-secret scientific study on kids and nutrition, heaven only knows what the shock might do to you! Truly, the way you feed your children could change forever.

Are you ready? Wait, wait -- let me set the scene for you:

Picture a team of doctors and researchers in white lab coats, Bunsen burners, beakers filled with fizzing, popping liquids of every color. (Every so often one of them starts to smoke menacingly.) There is some SERIOUS medical studying stuff going on up in here, y'all.  At last, one of the scientists looks up from his microscope and shouts, "Eureka! I've found it! I've found the secret to making kids eat their vegetables!"

Can you guess?? The secret is …

Sugar!! Yes, it's true! Now we have scientific proof that dousing veggies in sugar makes children more likely to eat them all up.

You're not really all that shocked, I bet. Sorry to set you up like that, I just … DUH! Like, really?? Just a spoonful of freaking sugar makes the vegetables go down?!

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No sh*t.

I'm really NOT oversimplifying here, either. This is exactly how the study was conducted:

Preschoolers who were served lightly sweetened vegetables (sprayed with a mist of sugar) at lunchtime ate more of the healthy foods compared to those who were served unsweetened vegetables.

Although the researchers tested other ways to mask the vegetables' bitterness, including various salts, plain sugar worked the best.

Maybe I'm being unfair. Perhaps there is some sort of take-home message here: If sugar spray makes veggies more tasty to tots, maybe a sweet (but not outrageously unhealthy) sauce would do the same. It might be worth dipping a couple of stalks of broccoli in some maple syrup or applesauce to find out. Or if your kid is like that adorable fibbing boy, maybe sprinkles are the way to go?

Would you spray veggies with sugar to get your kid to eat them?


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Anony... AnonyMOUSE715

Actually veggies taste good with a dash of sugar! I think greens especially taste great with some sugar sprinkled on top... or ranch dressing. Yum. I've been craving greens lately it's ridicoulously weird.

handy... handy0318

I haven't done sugar, but when they were little my kids always ate much more of the cooked veggies if I used honey butter on them...sugar and honey are wholly natural foods, nothing wrong with using them, especially if the goal of getting more veggies down the little throats is achieved.

schlis schlis

My daughter eats her veggies with no fuss. Wanna know the big secret?? Whatever we eat, she eats. She gets a plate of the exact same foods (since she started eating solids), prepared the exact way ours are prepared. She eats as much or as little as she wants. Then nothing else until the next scheduled meal time. And we've never had a problem. Dousing foods in sugar to get them to eat it is nonsense and UNHEALTHY.

abra819 abra819

schils,  well goddamn, you are totally the bestest mom evar!!!!!! Too bad we don't all have unbelievably perfecto children like yours!!!!

Amanda Solita Shovlin

My oldest is autistic so getting him to eat anything was a hassle. He just recently accepted green beans into his diet as long as they are drenched in ranch dressing. My 2 year old is a picker, she will eat 2 bites of whatever and be done then an hour later be hungry again. I was the same way still am.

Rene Moodley

study paid for by the sugar industry of america.

Lynette Lynette

Ridiculous.  All 4 of my children love veggies, no sugar, ranch dip, or cheese needed.

dixie... dixiechick2

There was a resident at a nursing homei worked, who eat everything on her plate, if it was covered in sugar.

nonmember avatar Michelle

Maybe we should focus on learning HOW to prepare veggies so kids will eat them instead of focusing so much on how much crap (i.e. sugar, dips, etc) we can "disguise" them with. It has nothing to do with being the "perfect" parent, Abra819....it's about caring enough to learn about food WITH our children rather than shoving another plate of chicken nuggets in their faces because "we are just too busy". Bullshit. You want to know why kids hate veggies? Have you ever eaten baby food veggies from the store? Eaten veggies from a can? They are NASTY. My daughter devours lima beans, brussels sprouts, beets, you name it....and guess what? There are still ones she hates. She can't stand raw tomatoes or avocados. If you make their nutriton a priority, they will eat veggies....no tricks required!

Gul Bahar

well, if you are going to spray it with sugar, just put chocolate all over it .           My daughter loves her veggies, okay not all. but she will eat spinach salad. with light dressing. 

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