Michelle Obama & 'Sesame Street' Have a 'Moving' Message for Kids (VIDEO)

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michelle obama, big birdTrying new things is always easier when you get to watch a trusted friend try first. That's kind of who Big Bird is for America's little kids. Sure, he's an enormous yellow bird, but he still has all the same misgivings about change as the average preschooler (even though everything always turns out okay in the end). So pairing up Big Bird with First Lady Michelle Obama to celebrate the third anniversary of Let’s Move!, Mrs. Obama’s health & fitness for kids initiative, makes perfect sense. (If Big Bird can learn to love garden-fresh veggies, maybe kids can, too.)

Michelle Obama and Big Bird filmed two PSAs in the White House to promote eating right and staying active, and they're both lots of fun to watch: In the first, Mrs. Obama teaches Big Bird about how easy it is to snack on fresh fruits and veggies; in the second, Big Bird demonstrates how much fun it is to dance and jump and exercise in general. Sesame Workshop has distributed the PSAs to hundreds of PBS stations and partner channels; the videos are also posted on the Sesame Street and Let’s Move! websites. But you can check one out right here:

Cute, right? An appropriate kick-off to the First Lady's two-day, nationwide tour next week, designed to showcase all the positive changes inspired by the first three years of Let's Move!

How do you convince your kid to exercise and eat healthy?

Image via Sesame Workshop

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lulou lulou

I think this is all just a calculated and sly move to save families money on healthcare.

lalab... lalaboosh

I eat healthy and excersize.... Kids do what their parents do. Last night my two year old ate about a quarter pound of asparagus.

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