Comedian Louis C.K's. Lesson for His Daughters on Racism & Privilege Cracks Us Up (VIDEO)


louis c.k.Everything is relative, or so the saying goes. Meaning, when your kid is crying over a scraped knee, it probably won't make him feel any better to be reminded about the classmate who broke his leg. Who cares about what that kid did to his leg last summer, my knee hurts right now! But even if kids haven't learned to put their troubles in perspective, the practice can still be a huge sanity-saver for parents.

Especially if you're someone like comedian and dad Louis C.K., whose no B.S. brand of humor puts self-pitying melodrama in its place perfectly. As you'll see in this footage, taken from the comic's appearance on Jay Leno's couch, when what started out as banal banter turned into a scathingly funny send-up of privileged American kids, racism, and more.

Leno's initial question was simple: "How are your kids?"

Louis C.K. answered (brilliantly): "On paper, they're great. They're two little white girls in America! Sometimes I look at it that way, I look at them and I say, 'You can't even complain. You're doing awesome. Just boilerplate great lives.'"

He went on to elaborate with a story about his recent experience trying to give his daughter bubble gum-flavored Tylenol for a fever.

Her reaction? "Ewww."

Daddy's reaction? "I was like, 'Fuck you, eww! You can't say eww!' I'm sorry, it's medicine! Most children in the world don't have medicine. Most children in the world, they get sick and they die on a rock with a bear eating them. A kid gets the sniffles, it's like -- 'better ring the bear bell!' You wear clothes made by children your age -- professionally. You don't get to say eww."

So true!! Just think about it -- all the stress and worry we put ourselves through as parents, driving ourselves nuts trying to provide picture-perfect childhoods for our kids ... when really, they're doing awesome.

Watch the full clip for more parent-centric wit/wisdom:

Do you think your kids are privileged? How do you help them to put things in perspective?


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nonmember avatar Karen

Loooooooove Louis C.K - thanks for the midday laugh!

Irela... Ireland69

He's Mexican!

notab... notabosley

I've never heard of him before, but my god he's hilarious. My DD is only two, so I hope I'm up for the challenge.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

That bit is WAY old, but still, its true. I kinda have a nerd crush on he seems like a top knotch dad <3

rhps2000 rhps2000

Good point! I just drove myself nuts over my kid's science project. Just trying to help get it done, forget about trying to keep up with the super parents! Lol. Keep it relative. Enjoy the little things. :)

Claire Smith

I don't think the F word is funny at all. I think he is using race to buy likability.  The only real message here is that everyone who lives in this country should be grateful.


tecsa... tecsabates

Wait - is he really mexican?

Anyhoo - I think he's funny.

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