11 Crazy Things Parents Say While Potty Training

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potty trainingPotty training is a very strange thing for most parents. We are just getting used to caring for a person who doesn't know how to avoid pooping in their pants when all of a sudden, we are solely responsible for teaching them to go in a toilet. And it's a competition.

Oh yes, did you not realize that? If you have a 3-year-old who isn't potty trained, get ready for the judgment, the stares, and the rudeness. It's enough to make any parent crazy.

So it's no wonder that we DO go a little nuts. And even once your little darling is potty trained, it isn't all smooth sailing from there. Oh no. You still have years to go before you can believe with 100 percent certainty that your little one won't have an "accident." And then there's college. The whole process can be pretty absurd and you can find yourself saying things you NEVER thought you would utter. I asked around and got 11 things said in potty training that would sound simply insane anywhere else. Here they are:

1.) "Regardless of how much fun you're having, you have to get up if you need to go to the bathroom."

2.) "No you cannot bring your dinner water and toys into the bathroom with you."

3.) "Since we are going on a Disney cruise and swimmy diapers are not allowed in the main pool (only the baby pool), I have been really ramping it up. Lately, she has been getting it so the other day I said, 'Yay, you won't poop in the pool and Goofy won't get mad at you!'"

4.) "You don't need toilet paper once you are finished. Please leave the roll alone. Oh wait, if you did that, then you do need toilet paper."

5.) "The dog cannot help you at all in here."

6.) "Lean forward and aim down!" (Yes, more than one direct hit to the face.)

7.) "See Daddy's pooping on the potty, and honey, show him it when you are done!"

8.) "No, your pee doesn't go down to the Tooth Fairy."

9.) "Please don't eat that." *Speaking to my daughter with a turd in her hand raising to her mouth.

10.) "Please stop trying to pick up the 80-pound dog. She doesn't need to sit on the potty."

11.) "That's okay honey, sometimes daddy doesn't make it in time either."

Have you said any of these to your child?


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potty training


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Dawn Mangham

aim for the cheerio honey


wamom223 wamom223

"If your holding your penis you must need to pee  because your penis isn't going anywere."

catwo... catwoman123456

   It's really great that you've gone in the batroom,honey,but  the litter box is for kitty.cat

mrsbovee mrsbovee

Lately, I've been trying to convince my daughter that by pooping in the potty she is sending the poopies home to be with their mommies and daddies. I am obviously desperate for a successful potty poo.

nonmember avatar Amanda

lol all these are tooooooo funny.

Baby boy its ok for your baby brother not for you.
Ok dont pick your brother up he is too little to sit on the potty.
Leave the cat alone she doent use the potty like we do.
Oh Lord son what have I told you.....

looki... looking4mychild

How in the world are you getting it on the floor?? You're a girl!!

Yeah my DD somehow manages to aim and almost hit herself in the face, im amazed every time.

xxshe... xxshelbyxxx

Mines not potty trained yet or even in the process but thanks for the laugh!!

nonmember avatar Heather

My brother and I were weird kids we believed my mom when she was potty training us she told us we had to go potty in the potty cause the fish in the lakes and stuff were hungry so we had to feed them. Kind of gross but hey it did the trick

10ldm0m 10ldm0m

The battle I had with my oldest lasted till his 4th birthday. My dad took him for a walk and had a man to man talk. After that day I never had a problem. Though one day all three boys (my 2 and my brother's 1) were all peeing at the same time lost focus and I had 3 pairs of shoes to clean.

Alexandra Camacho

I'm always telling my son "Aim Down!"

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