Kids Gone Wild ... In Restaurants! (VIDEO)

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I don't know what it is about restaurants that cause my kids to lose it entirely. They can be fully delightful children all day, but get them into a restaurant context and BOOM, cray-cray ensues.

I think a lot of things make this so tough…the judgy eyes of other diners, the fact you're not in control of how fast the food comes out, how it looks or what temperature it will be (which can trigger a meltdown in picky eaters), and the fact that an experience which used to be fun and relaxing has become a massive stress point. Thank heavens we have never crossed paths with Randall, he of the "honey badger" treatment. In this latest episode of Moms in The Wild, he follows several moms and their kids to restaurants.

We have friends who we love dearly, and whose kids play beautifully with ours, but when we all go out to eat together it is a horror show. Once my daughter and theirs knocked over a Christmas tree, another time we were told by a (very nasty) old lady that our kids were the worst ever. She should have seen the girl in this video!

Here's what I think…while some behavior is just not OK, a lot of it is just kids being kids, and life would be a lot easier if other people would chill out and accept that sometimes they have to see children acting like children in public. Wandering around and staring at other people? Not cool. Looking around from their own seat? Cute. Throwing or playing with food? Not cool. Using less than awesome table manners? Sometimes it happens. Like so many other things about parenting, restaurant dining would be easier if people would just lighten up.

Have your kids ever embarrassed you terribly in a restaurant?

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Pinkmani Pinkmani

When a notice a family with rowdy kids, I shout something like, "Hey! Sit down, shut up, and behave!" and if the parents give me back talk, "I'm not the one with the unruly kids"

bills... billsfan1104

If your kids and other are knocking down a Christmas trees that means they were acting up and you were not watching them.

bella... bellacazzate

Damn, Pinkmani. You might not be the one with the unruly kids, but you certainly have unruly manners (assuming that's actually what you do and not a sudden spell of brave internet "humor"). How is that tantrum any better than a rowdy child? 

nonmember avatar Mike

Am I missing something? These kids are neither embarrassing, running wild, or unruly. :l

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Bella, I don't consider me calling out children a tantrum, I consider it a reprimand. Usually those who practice permissive parenting, have rowdy children because they have little or no control of their child's behavior. This wasn't "brave Internet humor", it's the definite truth. 

nonmember avatar justwondering

Just curious, does pinkmani have children?? I hope not....please dont procreate. You have a lousy intolerant attitude. Have a nice day.

rhps2000 rhps2000

My three year old acted up in buffet restaurant. He couldnt sit still and it was worse because we had to get up and go get our food from the buffet so he wanted to run around too. I was having a difficult pregnancy and my piir kid was cooped up at home all day with no one to play with since we were new in town. A mean old lady came up and grilled me and hubby on his manners. It was awful. I try to remember this when I get frustrated with folks. You never know what they may be going through.

Flori... Floridamom96

Ha. I'm with Pinkmani. If you're going to have children teach them to behave properly and enforce what you've taught. If my children don't behave properly according to the circumstance they are in then we remove them from the situation. Period.

rhps2000, perhaps taking a pent up child to a buffet restaurant was not the best choice. It seems like a chik-fil-a, mcdonald's, or a Joe's Crab Shack where your child could play would have been a better choice. 

Ashor... Ashora1990

1:30 pissed me off. she wasnt harming anyone. let her have fun with the salad! none of the kids was bad at all

nonmember avatar LaNahaul

Wow Pinkmani... That's an incrediby rude thing to say. The mature thing to do would be to speak with the family politely (after all, the adults need to be an EXAMPLE for children) and if it continues, discuss it with restaurant management. Telling them to "sit down and shut up" is terrible and would only perpetuate their "unruly" behavior.

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