'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Ex Has No Right to Share Photos of Her Son Online

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Maci Bookout Kyle KingOnce upon a time, Kyle King was the mensch-y boyfriend Teen Mom fans couldn't imagine Maci Bookout living without. Looks like those days are long gone. The reality star recently caught her ex-boyfriend posting photos of her 4-year-old son Bentley on Twitter.

No surprise he has some pictures -- King is the guy who once babysat her son while she went to her college classes, who helped potty train the toddler. He was a very involved father figure when he was dating Maci, even though Bentley has a real dad (Maci's ex Ryan Edwards). But he wasn't acting like much of a father figure when Maci called him out on the photos.

King responded by calling Maci a "fake @ss super mom" and retweeted some negative comments about her. So much for nice guy Kyle, huh?

Eventually he pulled it all down, including the photos. But I have to ask what was he doing sharing those pictures in the first place? He's not in Bentley's life anymore. He needs to get over it and leave the poor kid alone! That means storing his photos somewhere offline.

As a photographer who often takes pictures of my child at events, I'm wary of how other parents feel about their kids' photos being shared. I own my photos. I can technically do with them what I want.

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The same goes for Kyle. If he has photos of Bentley, he can do with them what he wants. But he has to realize that the child's mom has the right to express her displeasure at him doing what he wants with her kid's image.

Maci didn't feel comfortable with her son's photos being shared. Is it a tad hypocritical because she posts photos of Bentley all the time?

Sure. But she's the kid's mom. She can express a concern, and it would behoove Kyle to see things from her perspective.

Maci is looking at these photos with the eye of a mom. You know the eye I'm talking about. You look over your own photos with it and decide what you'll share and what you won't, right?

Because photos of our kids aren't all created equal. I know I don't want photos of my daughter in her undies on the Internet, haunting her into her teen years. So I don't blame other parents for being cautious.

I respect other parents' feelings about the photos I take because it's going to make my life a whole lot easier in the long run. No one wants to be the a-hole who ticked off half the PTSO.

So I don't post photos to Facebook if I know the parents of a child in them are not comfortable with seeing their kid on Facebook. If I put a photo online and the parents were to ask for it to be taken down (this hasn't happened yet, but it could ...), I'd take it down. I would never tweet a photo of a kid who isn't mine or share them on my blog -- without their parent's permission.

This is just common courtesy, folks. It's not something to start a war over.

Do you think Maci has a right to call out Kyle for posting photos of Bentley? What do you make of his response?


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choff... choff2685

they are doing everything they can to stay on TV and just love the attention, if we ignore them they will go away.

nonmember avatar Cassandra

For a mom who has her son in the spotlight, I have a feeling Macy is being spiteful. Kyle and Maci may have split on bad terms, but Kyle was AMAZING with Bentley and took him on as one of his own. I don't think he should "get over it" because he played such a large role in the upbringing of Bentley. So long as the pictures aren't inappropriate, I don't see where there is a problem.

piggy... piggy11721

Whatever. She did that herself. How come the media and strangers can but he can't. I mean, he actually loves the kid. Dumb.

nonmember avatar amanda

i think she has the right being the mother, but i think she did it out of spite towards kyle. shes a celebrity, she signed the papers for teen mom which put her and her son out to the world. pictures are all over tv, in the news, on the internet n in magazines already because she wanted the fame. and he did have a part in raising bentley. but it is macis kid. i do think kyle was wrong for making c the comments he made.

nonmember avatar tiffienichole

I think she is just being the spiteful ex. When you're a mother who brings a man into your son's life to play the father role and they adapt to that role as well as Kyle does for as long as Kyle did, it tends to stick even after a breakup.

nonmember avatar Kaylie

Maci is so full of herself. Kyle was a second father to Bentley for 3 years and Maci just expects him to be completely detatched as soon as she leaves? It just proves how little she thinks of the emotional damage she's doing to all parties involved when she brings these people into her son's life.

jenni... jenniferlund

hey maic how u doing to day

nonmember avatar MissyParadox

Regardless of how good he was with him and the fact that he has had his pictures in the media... still doesn't give him the right to post any pictures of him as he isn't biologically connected. However,I do think all this could have been sorted privately and not in the spot light

nonmember avatar SassyAussie

Fu@Ken oath she should! No one should have the write to post photos of any kid with out the parents permission. My best friend's won't Even post any pic of my kds coz the no if they do heads will roll

ashle... ashleywagoner

I think it's stupid and pointless

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