How to Tell if Your Toddler Isn't Ready for Preschool

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play doughOne minute you're holding your newborn baby, next thing you know, your little one is already 3 years old! Time to sign up for preschool. Time for dress-up, play dough, sandboxes, snack time, and singing in circle time. Yay!

But wait -- maybe you think your toddler is ready for preschool. But is he, really? Is the preschool ready for her? Better think this through a bit, first. Here are some signs your toddler might not be so ready for preschool after all.

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1. When you ask your toddler, "Show Mommy your knee!" he bites you on the knee.

2. Whenever you introduce your kid to anther child, the first thing he says is "MINE!" and tries to tear the kid's hair off her head.

3. Your child only knows one word: NO.

4. You haven't been able to wrest your kid's security blanket out of her hands long enough to wash out the E. coli, snot, vomit, dirt, and chocolate pudding and it's been declared a bio-hazard by the local health department.

5. You're down to just eight tantrums a day -- hooray! That's still not low enough.

6. Your kid will only nap after 15 renditions of "The Mermaid Cafe" in five different languages, exactly three tablespoons of strawberry yogurt, two trips to the potty, and the sight of your exasperated tears.

7. Your child's food allergies list is longer than the novel War and Peace.

8. You have a really picky eater: He only eats other kids' food.

9. Your child knows all the words to "This Is the Song That Never Ends" and has been singing it since October.

10. Your child takes an ideological stand against learning letters and numbers.

Does any of this sound familiar? I dunno, that might mean you need to wait a bit before unleashing your child up on the public. But hey, I'm not judging! Just looking out for those intrepid preschool teachers.

Have you ever wondered if your child is really ready for preschool?


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Erika NW Goodall

What does having allergies have anything to do with being ready for preschool? What are you going to do, never allow them in public because if something that is not at all their fault? Sorry Timmy, but you cannot go to school and make friends because you are allergic to too much stuff. Xp

Ashley Jordan

That sounds to me like a list of why your child needs to get out and learn how to appropriately interact with others...aka go to preschool.

lovem... lovemyson1224

Geez guys I'm pretty sure this article was satire. Not everything is life or death serious. It's okay to laugh every now and then.

handy... handy0318

As a former preschool teacher, I'd go along with #'s 1,2, and 5... if a child commonly acts out in a violent manner like biting or hair pulling...or throws tantrums all day...then no, preschool isn't an appropriate place for her.

#3 is negotiable.  Often behavior like that at home isn't carried over into the preschool setting because the child gets too interested in what other kids are doing.  If a child is so stubborn that he starts taking all a teacher's time, at the expense of the other kids, then perhaps he isn't mature enough for preschool. 

#7 would need some discussion. Preschool kids are notorious for grazing off of other kid's plates and if the child has alergies that could put her at risk for death if she happens to swipe another's peanut butter cracker or sneak a swig of milk, then perhaps preschool isn't the place for her. The entire preschool cannot be held hostage to one child's food allergies and preschools need to provide a wide variety of snack foods and lunches.  If the child herself is very clear that she must not ever eat certain foods, then she'll probably be OK with her own specially prepared snacks and lunch.

The rest of the list... preschool will probably go a long ways to helping the child grow beyond those.

gridi... gridironsmom

Some kids do better both in behavior and learning when away from their parent. My child one of these children. Though not a bad child he is much better with/for other people.

Julie Winkler

so we're putting children on top of the public eh? 'up on' is one word 'upon'  I know we all make spelling and grammer mistakes from time to time but that's what proof reading is for. just saying.

nonmember avatar Zoe'sMom

As a current preschool teacher I can assure you, most of these 'issues' work themselves out quite quickly in the school setting :-) Kids are almost always BETTER behaved when they're parents aren't watching! As for the allergies, a 'mild reaction' to lactose isn't a big deal but yes, a child with gluten, lactose, peanut, tree nut, egg, selfish and red #40.. well.. yeh.

This is satire so relax :-)

corri... corrinacs

Erika, thank you!  I saw taht and said the same darn thing! 

My son's allergy list is longer than War and Peace (thanks for the reference LOL).  At least it certainly feels that way.  But he went to preschool and THRIVED!  In fact, we used that a model to realize that private schooling may be a viable option for him.

Hell, my oldest is in KINDERGARTEN.  Public school kindergarten at that......with his "War and Peace" allergy list.  And he's THRIVING.

Speaking of the whole article, it doesnt' make sense.  You are supposed to use preschool to help your child adjust, its meant for those children who aren't "ready" for Kindergarten.  Preschool teachers have seen it all :).  Just because you think your child can't handle something doesn't mean they don't belong there.  In fact, in my opinion, those are the children that need to be there the most.

tjmommie tjmommie

having raised a now 30 year old son, i realize that "readiness' for anything is relative for both parent and child. at this time we are raising our last child who is 18 months old....we will be ready for a year or two!!

tjmommie tjmommie

AND I WILL MISS MY LITTLE HONEY MAN WHEN HE IS AT PRESCHOOL!!! clearly i am not ready for him to go there!!girl giving flower

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