Restaurant Gives Parents Discount for 'Well-Behaved Kids' & Sets Dangerous Precedent

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restaurant receiptAs any parent knows, eating out in a restaurant with children can be a bit of a dicey game. Sometimes your kids are angels, and other times you just want to crawl under the table ... if it wasn't such a horrific mess from all the food they'd thrown down there. But what if your bill depended on how well-behaved your children were?

A Reddit user recently posted a picture of a receipt from an Italian restaurant in Washington named Sogno Di Vino with a title "If only all restaurants did this for people with kids ..." On it there was a $4 discount for "well-behaved kids". A sweet gesture, and I bet those parents were pretty proud.

But the whole thing makes me kind of nervous.

Can you imagine if you were charged more for those times when your children aren't quite so good (as plenty of commenters suggested should be standard)? Or if the next time you didn't get a discount?

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Eating out with children is already filled with plenty of pressure for parents. Every raised voice, every dropped spoon can make a mom feel like all eyes in the joint are searing into her. And yes, sometimes children are out of control and should be removed from a restaurant. No one deserves for their meal to be interrupted by kids gone wild, but there also needs to be a certain amount of tolerance for families dining out without parents feeling like they're being judged even more. Most children just aren't going to be seen and not heard, and as long as mom and dad are making sure they're not heard too loudly, they deserve a little bit of a break. Having a random waitress decide what "well-behaved" is could be all sorts of problematic. I also can't imagine that restaurants really want to get into a battle over the bill with "those" parents who always deny their precious little ones ever do anything wrong.

Would it be nice to be rewarded when the planets align and you all make it through dinner delightfully? Absolutely. But I'm not sure it's worth the price you'd pay for the days when your kids act more ... like kids.

Would you welcome a policy in which your restaurant bill was adjusted according to your children's behavior?


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Reen1 Reen1

I love it. If you are a parent who has raised your children to behave like respectful little human beings in public places, then you will love this too. Of course, there are the off times when all children may or may not act up, but overall, if you are a good parent and teach your children about respect for themselves and others from the beginning, this is great.

When you ask my 8 year old daughter why we don't behave like selfish, spoiled brats, she will respond simply, every time, "because we are classy ladies". That's how I've raised her from the beginning. We go camping and get muddy and ride dirt bikes and have fun, but when it comes to having class, self respect, and being a lady, there are no compromises. She loves being respectful of herself and others just as much as I love it for her to be that way. It makes her proud of herself.

Victoria Joyce Fry

I think it might be a goal for parents who normally don't pay as much attention to their rowdy kids to attain. They may actually try to parent in public instead of having their children being obnoxious. What a concept.

invis... invisibleme

I like the idea. I'm paying to relax and enjoy my meal not deal with someone's bad parenting choices.

mom2j... mom2jessnky

I'm all for this!

There's a small restaurant chain in Atlanta called J. Christopher's. On their menu it says "Kid's Meals $3.95 ; Rowdy Messy kids $29.95"  I'm pretty sure they're joking and wouldn't really charge that, but then again my kids behave, so I couldn't say for sure.

Parents are (supposed to be) raising their kids to be functioning members of society, functioning members of society aren't assholes in public. If you wouldn't be okay with behavior your child is exhibiting coming from a teenager (or an adult) it's time to nip it. I'm not expecting a kid to be perfect, but sitting on your butt, being polite, and eating nicely is not too much to ask, and if it is, hit up the drive thru.


maiah... maiahlynn

its a good idea the parent can offer the children the money saved if they behave.

kameka kameka

If my kids leave a mess I tip extra (I also try to make sure they don't and clean up what I can but it doesn't always work the way I want it to lol). I think this was a sweet gesture and nothing more.

Mindyand Jason Johnson

I disagree because that is discriminating to children with disabilities that can not control themselves that will only create more stress on their parents when taking them out...

Leandra Bogart

no i wouldnt. and that goes for discounting or raising bill as well.. i have an autistic 7 year old and i do not feel like explaining to the server ahead of time why they may or may not have a meltdown and that we dont want to be treated or charged more than what we should be for it.. we will gladly pay the price for our food and we have even replaced dinners of others due to disruption or if my child sticks their fingers in their food.. but again i dont want to have to feel like i need to tell everyone in the restaurant why my child acts the way he does..

dorsey3 dorsey3

I think It might be a good incentive for some parents to step up and BE parents. I love when I go out to a restaurant and my kids are sitting in their seats eating their food and behaving, while other peoples children are running all over the restaurant, screaming and throwing things. Meanwhile the parents sit there and do nothing at all or worse, laugh or encourage their horrid behavior. That may maybe acceptable in restaurants with play lands but not at a sit down restaurant. can of worms

Ember... Emberbaby

I think it's a great idea!

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