Cold Weather Car Seat Safety Tips You Need to Know Now: Part 2 (IMAGE)

windshield wipersJust as scary for parents of toddlers as it is for parents of babies: Car seat safety mistakes are easy to make, especially during the winter. Simply buckling your kid in the car seat still wearing a coat can have lethal consequences, as thick, puffy jackets prevent the straps from tightening against your child's body in the event of a crash. Then there's the whole issue of car seat installation -- as in, most of us fail to install them properly (even if we think otherwise!).

Don't stress: As we did for babies, we've drawn out exactly what you need to do to keep your toddler safe and warm on-the-go. Board-certified pediatrician Dr. Alisa Baer, better known as the The Car Seat Lady, helped The Stir develop these drawings and examined them from start to finish to ensure accuracy and safety.

Following in the footsteps of her mother, Debbi Baer, RN -- the original "car seat lady" -- Dr. Baer has spent the past 15 years trying to change the statistic that car crashes remain the leading cause of death and injury to children.

toddler car seat

Did this teach you anything new about car seat safety during the winter?

Also see: Cold Weather Car Seat Safety Tips (For Babies)

Windshield wiper image via Bryan Alexander/Flickr

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Akash... AkashaGermaine

Okay. I know I'm going to be unpopular and probably get bashed but my son is forward facing at 16 months. He was on his 1st birthday. We travel A LOT and he is not a good traveler. As soon as we turned him he was 100% better. He is in one of the best rated, safest carseats available. I asked both his doc and the local licensed car seat tech and both said he was fine. True the tech said she'd rather see him rear facing but she also understood the situation.

nonmember avatar Christina

Ok, am I just not seeing/reading this right? Number 3 says the same strap slot heights for both rear and forward facing. Forward facing should be at or ABOVE the shoulders, not below like with rear facing

nonmember avatar Sherri

Shouldn't the straps be above the shoulders when forward facing

mommy... mommyajay

Whatever you have to say to convince yourself.

I would take a crying kid over one who was internally decapitated any day.

Akash... AkashaGermaine

You know, it's moms like you who make moms doing the best they can feel like crud. Like my Dr said: which is safer a screaming kid making himself sick and causing a huge distraction or a forward facing kid? Not driving isn't an option for me. I'm half an hour from the nearest grocery store and my older daughters school. There isn't anyone else who could watch him.

I used to think like you: oh I'd never do that, I'm a better mom than that. Until I had that child.

Flori... Floridamom96

I'm pretty sure she meant to make you feel like crud. You do not owe her any explanations and you shouldn't allow others to control how you feel.

Michele L James

Wow, I remember when babies were wrapped up and put on floorboards so they didn't roll off the seat. Toddlers were told to sit down and quit jumping in the car. We've come a long way. Don't get offended ladies, you're doing a lot better than past generations and no one has the right to judge without knowing your situation.

nates... natesmom1228

My son has been out of a car seat for quite a while.

sukainah sukainah

This is interesting, thank you!

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